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The First day of School for kindergarten was Wonderful
The First day of School for kindergarten was Wonderful

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.  We will see you all on Tuesday, September 8.  Also, please put on your calendar our Two Curriculum nights scheduled for 9/15--K-2, and 9/16-3-5. 

A Message from the Principal

The Mural in the main hallway is beautiful.  Have you seen it?
The Mural in the main hallway is beautiful. Have you seen it?

I want to take a moment to thank some very important members of our Llewellyn community for their commitment and dedication to our school over the last two weeks.


First, to our hardworking teachers; thank you for your thoughtful preparation, kind and enthusiastic welcomes, and tireless wisdom and guidance which you have shared with each of your students. The children of Llewellyn have no doubt that they are cared about, valued, and believed in because of you. In particular, I would like to acknowledge our 3rd grade teachers who are exceptional under unusual conditions and are continuing to ensure a quality experience for each of their pupils. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.


Second, to our office and facilities staff; thank you for welcoming visitors, shuffling monumental piles of paperwork, scrubbing and polishing until surfaces shine, and doing everything with a smile and a chuckle. You continue to make Llewellyn the vibrant, excellent building that it is. I am grateful for your constant support.


To our many specialists; thank you for noticing each child you encounter. Thank you for helping each of them discover their unique talents and strengths and celebrating them. Thank you for the encouragement and support you provide the classroom teachers each and every day. The beginning of the year has been exciting because of you.

Mostly, thank you to our parents. Your involvement and commitment to Llewellyn and your children continues to ensure that we thrive, we grow, and we remain an example of a community where unity, resourcefulness, and pride are shown each and every day. We exist because of you and for you. Now…. On with the year!

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PPS News

PPS launches "Mobile First" with text messaging

September 01, 2015
This is an image of a poster encouraging PPS families and staff to opt in to receive text messages from PPS and schools. Portland Public Schools on Sept. 1 launched a multi-year “Mobile First” initiative to shift family, student and staff communications to mobile devices in an effort to better serve families. 


Join campaign to reconnect students

August 20, 2015
The Fifth Annual Reconnection Door-Knocking Campaign is Saturday, Sept. 12, from 8:30 am to 1 pm to help get students who have left school reconnected.

PPS Board to explore renovating Roosevelt shop building into career-learning space

August 06, 2015

The Portland School Board on Aug. 4 directed PPS staff to examine whether an old, free-standing, automotive shop on the Roosevelt High School campus could be remodeled into career-learning space at some point in the future. 


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