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Sellwood-Moreland Sewer Inspection Notice: October 20, 2014

Sewer Inspection Begining October 21st

Environmental Services is repairing or replacing about 25,000 feet of public sewer pipes in the Sellwood-Moreland neighborhood that are between 80 and 100 years old and failing due to age. This project will help protect the public and the environment by reducing the possibility of costly breaks, leaks, blockages and sewage releases to homes, businesses and streets. 

A project map is available at www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/sellwoodmoreland.

School News & Announcements

Our Weekly Bucketfiller and Upstander Drawing.  Congratulations to 3rd drawing  winners of the year.
Our Weekly Bucketfiller and Upstander Drawing. Congratulations to 3rd drawing winners of the year.

 Parent Teacher Conferences  week is this week-- October 29-30.  No Schoool this Friday,  October 31.   Please follow us out on Twitter @Llewellynstars.

Thank you to our parents for spreading bardust Friday and Saturday.  BARK DUST BONANZA
Please note that due to Parent Teacher Conferences, we will not have a star flier this week.

A Message from the Principal

Even in the rain, our kids find fun things to do...fun for all.
Even in the rain, our kids find fun things to do...fun for all.

As I write this email, I am watching the approaching storm.  Winds are beginning to pick up, the clouds are getting gray and dark, and the sky is ready to unload with a downpour. This type of condition could frighten some, but being a native Oregonian, I have a different perspective.  For me, the rainy season is time when my house slows down, when the chauffeuring to sporting events comes to a halt, and when we can do something as a family: talk and catch up, watch a movie together, or sit in the same room watching my kids doing homework. Sometimes just being present together is a gift too. The rain provides this opportunity to move at a slower pace and just rest inside the house. Thank goodness for Fall!




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PPS News

High school info nights for 8th graders

October 28, 2014

Learn about your neighborhood high school or focus schools Benson and Jefferson. Information sessions for 8th graders start in November with Wilson, Cleveland and Grant. 


Youngest readers receive reading calendars during conferences

October 28, 2014
Stacks of Multnomah County Library reading calendars were distributed to schools by language needs this week. Nearly 17,000 Portland Public Schools kindergartener, first, second, and third graders will take home special Multnomah County Library Reading Calendar Tips during parent/teacher conferences this week. The distribution fosters a culture of reading and helps parents support young readers. 


Grant hosts anti-violence speaker Giffords

October 27, 2014
From left: Grant Magazine design editor Bella Rideau; former U.S. rep. Gabrielle Giffords; Grant Magazine editors-in-chief Hunter Stewart, Koji Wieber and Eliza Brown; Grant Magazine volunteer instructor David Austin.

Former U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, D-Arizona, was in Portland Oct. 21 leading a roundtable focused on the intersection of domestic violence with gun violence, reported Grant Magazine.


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