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Spanish Immersion Program

The Spanish Immersion program at Lincoln High School is a continuation of the program from Ainsworth Elementary School and West Sylvan Middle School (see “Late Entry and Transfer Requirements” for enrollment information).

At Lincoln, students have one class period each day with their Spanish Immersion peers and study advanced Spanish language arts, literature and interdisciplinary cultural studies using advanced high school and college level texts.

Spanish Immersion students enter Lincoln High School with a solid foundation of Spanish language skills and the ability to read and analyze literature and discuss and present grade-level appropriate material in Spanish. At Lincoln, a specialized four-year program for Spanish Immersion students continues to develop fluency and proficiency in reading, writing and communicating in the Spanish language.

The content area of study for Spanish Immersion students at Lincoln is Spanish and Latin American culture, ideas and history, delivered through the study of selected works of literature. In the final year of the program, as a part of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Humanidades course, Seniors complete community service within Portland’s Hispanic communities.

Special recognition is given to Spanish Immersion students upon graduation, noting successful completion of the K-12 program. The Class of 2009 is the 11th graduating class of Spanish Immersion students from Lincoln.

The Spanish Immersion classes during the Freshman and Sophomore years include rigorous review of concepts already learned and the study of more complex tenses in grammar to prepare for advanced understanding and literary analysis, as well as focus on continuous development of oral proficiency.

The Spanish Immersion classes during the Junior and Senior years constitute a two year sequence of course work in the International Baccalaureate program.

District Commitment to Program Support and Development
Portland Public Schools has a dedicated Immersion Coordinator who works with administration and staff to continue development and delivery of existing and emerging programs throughout the District.

Program Expectations and Assessments
Immersion students are expected to speak only Spanish in these classes with both teacher and classmates and to complete all assignments, which are designed to build language skills and allow for class time to be used for discussion, presentation and analysis.

Spanish Immersion students take a Standards-based Assessment & Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) test that has been adopted by Portland Public Schools as an assessment tool for Immersion students. The STAMP test is a web-based language assessment that was developed by Language Learning Solutions partnering with the Center for Applied Second Language Studies, a National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Oregon. The STAMP test experience helps the student, parents and teacher track development and accomplishments in learning the Spanish language.

Additional external assessment includes an oral assessment which is completed as part of the IB program in the Senior year. Immersion students may sit for the Higher Level IB Spanish Exam in the Spring of their Senior year.

Late Entry to Program / Transfer Requirements
Most of the students in the Spanish Immersion program at Lincoln have completed the Spanish Immersion program at Ainsworth Elementary School and West Sylvan Middle School. However, if a student from the Lincoln attendance area shows adequate proficiency in Spanish, to be able to do immersion level work, he or she may join the Spanish Immersion program at Lincoln at any grade level. A student's level of proficiency is determined through an interview and assessment process. Interested families should contact Principal Peyton Chapman.

If Lincoln is the student's neighborhood school, no action is required to enroll in the high school Spanish Immersion program. During the forecast process, Immersion students should forecast for Spanish Immersion 5-6, the 9th grade Immersion class.

If Lincoln is NOT a student's neighborhood school, Immersion students from West Sylvan who are entering high school and remaining in the program, will be pre-approved for the feeder pattern to Lincoln. Please contact PPS Enrollment and Transfer Center or online at the PPS web site (www.pps.k12.or.us) for updated information.

Student learning environment
  • Strong emphasis on balancing academic, social and physical needs of early adolescents.
  • Emphasis placed on academic achievement, as well as providing a nurturing, enjoyable learning environment.
  • Lincoln students consistently score at a very high level (statewide) in reading and math.
Parent & Family Support
Families are involved in :
  • Apoyemos al Español
  • Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA)
  • Local School Advisory Committee (LSAC)
  • Lincoln Site Council
  • Apoyemos al Español Auction
  • Booster Club
  • Cardinal Families
  • Development Committee: Long Term
  • Foundation
  • Parents-on-Site
  • Alumni Association

Apoyemos Celebration & Annual Spanish Immersion Fundraiser

When: Saturday May 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Where: University of Portland

For more information visit www.apoyemusk12.com