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  • Easy and fun volunteer opportunity
  • Low commitment (come as often or as infrequently as you like)
  • Sign-up is easy and fast.  Just click the link below.  Enter your email address (you do not have to register an account to volunteer)
  • Then choose your spots to volunteer.  Your help is always needed!  Thanks for volunteering!

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What We Do

On most days the POS schedule provides for a six-person team. This allows for three pairs of parents to walk around the campus and nearby neighborhood. We carry walkie-talkies and we provide an adult presence as an ordinary part of Lincoln's lunch-hour environment. As we walk about, we chat with students singly and in groups, then move on. We are extra eyes and ears in case of an accident or other emergency, but we are not expected to deal with any problems or situations beyond our comfort or authority levels. Staff is responsible for handling such things, which are very rare, and we can use the walkie-talkies to summon them if necessary.

What Our Volunteers Say

"I enjoy the exercise, and I really like talking to the kids."       

"I feel I know more about Lincoln High School."       

"I have a tight schedule but I want to help out. Noon works out perfectly."       

"Since I'm new, it has been helpful connecting with other parents."

Join Us

        Join us for an easy way to be a huge help at Lincoln High School. The time commitment is less than an hour one or two days a month. You will meet and get to know many students, your fellow parents, and the residents and merchants in our neighborhood.  Any Questions?  Contact Crissy Gragnola crissyandtom@msn.com.

POS Guidelines