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Maggie Raczek

Welcome to my site. Click on the links below to access information about your class.
IB Bio SL 3-4  IB Bio SL 1-2 FPC


Contact me at mraczek@pps.net

My 2015-16 class schedule:

Period 1 IB Biology SL 1-2 123
Period 2 Planning
Period 3 IB Biology SL 1-2
Period 4 Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (FPC) 123
Period 5 Planning 123
Period 6 IB Biology SL 3-4
Period 7 IB Biology SL 3-4
Period 8 Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (FPC)

General Information

A variety of support is available to students in my classes.
  1. All students are required to keep an up to date point sheet showing a current grade. Therefore, students and parents will always know how the student is doing in my class.
  2. I utilize Synergy and post graded assignments and tests at least twice a quarter. If an assignment is listed, but no score given for a student, I have not entered grades yet. A zero indicates the assignment is past due.
  3. I am available everyday we have flex to help students. I encourage students to complete homework, especially problem solving, in flex. If they run into a problem, I will be there to help them. I may also require a student who is not succeeding in class to attend flex to work on science.
  4. Students may be able to do limited and timed test corrections, depending on the type of test and the class. Students will be able to use their notes, assignments, and textbook for corrections and should come prepared.
  5. Students are required to take Cornell Notes in Foundations of Physics and Chemistry (it is recommended for IB Biology as well). After taking notes in class, they should be reading over them and creating questions for the material. They write these on the left side of the page. This encourages students to interact with their notes a second time, can help them to see areas where they need more explanation, and makes a great study tool for tests. They should also be writing a brief (2-3 sentences) summary at the end of each note-taking session starting second semester.
  6. Extra credit is available to students who have no more than one missing assignment in a quarter. Extra credit can raise a student's quarter grade no more than 5%. Please see individual class pages for a detailed description of types of extra credit opportunities.