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Barbara Brown

Welcome! I teach freshmen (Literature & Composition) and sophomores (Accelerated American Literature).  Check the drop-down menus to the left for assignments and course content.

My email is: bbrown1@pps.net

My phone is: 503.916.5200x75455

Homework, Late Work, Quiz Make-Ups and Revised Work Policies

Most homework is a preparation for class so:

You are eligible for full credit on homework that is ready at the beginning of class on the day it is due.

Exception: You may turn in written work that is not to be revised or worked on in class by the end of the day it is due.

Most homework is worth a maximum of 50% the next day. So, work that would be a 10/10 will be at best 5/10 if late.

You have the same number of days to make up work as you have officially excused illness days.  I will go by ExBox which clearly shows excused absences. I treat unexcused absences the same as skips and will penalize late work due to unexcused absences as above.

Quizzes:  You may only make these up for days with excused absences and must do so by the end of the first FLEX period after your excused absence.

Essay Revisions: You may revise essays after conferencing with me.  You must fill out a pink conference slip and give it to me with your essay at least 24 hours before we meet.

You must turn the conference slip in with your revised essay WITHIN one week of our conference.

One page essays revisions do not require a conference, but revisions (with original attached) are due one week after they have been returned.

Last conference: 5/24/2013                      Last Revision Due: 5/31/2013

Here are some generally useful links:

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