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The LHS Staff is in three sections, Administration, Support Staff, and Faculty. You can click on a staff member name and go directly to their individual webpage, or click their email address.

2014 - 2015

NOTICE:  If you have any security questions or concerns, contact an Administrator here.
Name Position Email
Chapman, Peyton Principal peytonc@pps.net
Pennington, Charelle Principal's Secretary cpennington@pps.net
Roberts, Cynthia Administrative Secretary croberts@pps.net
Kinnersely, Cherie Administrative Vice Principal ckinnersley@pps.net
Herbst, Jennifer Administrative Vice Principal's Secretary jherbst@pps.net
Neal, Cameron Curriculum Vice Principal camneal@pps.net
Kinnison, Stephanie
Curriculum Vice Principal's Secretary skinnison@pps.net
Peeler, Jeff Athletic Director jpeeler@pps.net
Richardson, Charlotte Athletic Director Secretary crichardson@pps.net
Support Staff
Name Position Email
McGee, James Counseling (Last Names A-Di) jmcgee3@pps.net
Morris, Shae Counseling (Last Names Dj-I) smorris1@pps.net
Holloway, Danielle Counseling (Last Names J-Me) dholloway@pps.net
Guzman, Marquita Counseling (Last Names Mf-R) mguzman@pps.net
Barrar, Chris Counseling (Last Names S-Z) cbarrar@pps.net
Clingan, Dave Academic Support Counselor dclingan@pps.net
Hanson, Jim School Psychologist jimhanson@pps.net
Hunt, Louisa Counseling Center Secretary lhunt@pps.net
Kilmer, Meg Career Coordinator mkilmer2@pps.net
Johnson, Ethan Equity Specialist ejohnson@pps.net
McCants, Ryan Attendance Monitor rmccants@pps.net
Rosie Fiallo Community Agent  rfiallo@pps.net 
International Baccalaureate Program
Wadkins, JoAnn IB Coordinator & Advisor jwadkins@pps.net
Fox, Fred CAS & Extended Essay Coordinator ffox@pps.net
Elliott, Amanda Jane TOK Coordinator aelliott@pps.net
Haddon, Blair TOK Coordinator bhaddon@pps.net
Taylor, Jeri IB Secretary jtaylor2@pps.net
International Studies Center
Guest, Dana ISC Coordinator dguest@pps.net
Health Services
Johnson, Mary School Nurse johnsonm@pps.net
Campus Security
Caples, Stan Campus Monitor scaples@pps.net
Rosevear, Joann Campus Monitor jrosevea@pps.net
Kimberly Mercer  Campus Monitor (temporary)  
Special Education
Cravens, Fretta Paraeducator fcravens@pps.net
Kornberg, Caroline Speech Pathologist ckornberg@pps.net
Hudson, Ann Paraeducator ahudson@pps.net
Media Center & Bookkeeping
Thomas, Stephanie Teacher-Librarian sthomas1@pps.net
Doler, Linda Library Assistant ldoler@pps.net
Kubeczko, Bob IT Support (internal) bkubeczk@pps.net
Angun  Zumrut
IT Support (internal) zangun@pps.net
Ross, Jill Bookkeeper jross2@pps.net
Royale, Pam Book Clerk proyal@pps.net
Study Center Support 
Dawn Gordon Study Center dgordon1@pps.net

Name Department Email
Abens, Nancy Art nabens@pps.net
Accetta, Hanisi Social Sciences haccetta@pps.net
Addy, Meredith Mathematics/Technology maddy@pps.net
Alonso, Ricardo Mathematics ralonso@pps.net
Anderson, Candace Culinary Arts canderson2@pps.net
Armstrong, Laura Science llisensk@pps.net
Bailey, David Social Sciences, Journalism dbailey@pps.net
Bourcier, Hannah English hbourcie@pps.net
Brazo, Mark Science mbrazo@pps.net
Brown, Barbara English bbrown1@pps.net
Buehler, Chris Social Sciences cbuehle1@ppsnet
Buvinger-Wild, Gabrielle English gbuvingerwild@pps.net
Cameron, Nancy Science ncameron@pps.net
Carr, Jon English jcarr@pps.net
Cromer, Melanie Math mcromer@pps.net
Daucourt, Monica French mdaucourt@pps.net
Devry, Peter     Mathematics pdevry@pps.net
Dipascuale, Pablo Spanish pdipascuale@pps.net
Duggan, Andy German aduggan@pps.net
Dutchuk, Ryan Spanish rdutchuk@pps.net
Edelen Hare, Zoe English zedelenhare@pps.net
Edington, Linda Special Education ledingto@pps.net
Elliot, Amanda-Jane English, TOK aelliott@pps.net
Fitzpatrick, Scott Special Education jfitzpatrick@pps.net
Fox, Fred Social Sciences ffox@pps.net
Fraser, Eric Science, Football efraser1@pps.net
Gaffney, Emily Spanish egaffney@pps.net
Gale, Melinda Spanish mgale@pps.net
Guest, Dana Business dguest@pps.net
Gutlerner, Jordan English jgutlern@pps.net
Goldhammer, Timm Health tgoldhammer@pps.net
Haddon, Blair Science, TOK bhaddon@pps.net
Halpern, Mark English mhalpern@pps.net
Hamilton, Chadwick Math chamilt1@pps.net
Hensley, Emily English ehensley@pps.net
Hoffenberg, Rebecca Math rhoffenberg@pps.net
Irby, Cynthia Art cirby@pps.net
Jablon, Joel ELL jjablon@pps.net
Johns, Ren Math ljohns@pps.net
Johnson, Melissa Mathematics mjohnso2@pps.net
Kenny, Maureen Science mkenny@pps.net
LaGreide, Rick Social Sciences rlagreid@pps.net
Lancaster, Steve Social Sciences slancast@pps.net
Lynch, Bill English blynch@pps.net
Mailey, Sean Social Sciences smailey@pps.net
McHaley-Foley, Saneun Spanish sfoley@pps.net 
McQueen, Adam Science amcqueen@pps.net 
McVay, Angie Science amcvay@pps.net
Meyer, Marie Mandarin mmeyer1@pps.net 
Minato, Joseph Science jminato@pps.net
Moffitt, Joceline Arabic jmoffitt@pps.net
O'Neill, Julie  Social Sciences joneill@pps.net
Pearlz, Gary Social Sciences gpearlz@pps.net
Peeler, Jeff Mathematics, Athletic Director jpeeler@pps.net
Peerenboom, Jim Visual & Performing Arts jpeerenb@pps.net
Peyton, Arlie Business apeyton@pps.net
Raczek, Margaret Science mraczek@pps.net
Rangel, Gregorio Spanish grangel@pps.net
Runion, Steve Science srunion@pps.net
Schmidt, Jerod Art jschmidt@pps.net
Schweitzer-Goshorn, Bethany Choir bschweit@pps.net
Scoville, Steve Physical Education, Health sscovill@pps.net
Siegel, Doug World Language dsiegel@pps.net
Slusher, Chuck Mathematics cslusher@pps.net
Smith, Chris English csmith7@pps.net
Sneed, Joe Mathematics jsneed@pps.net
Snyder, Susan Social Sciences ssnyder@pps.net
Sudermann, Jordan Social Sciences jsudermann@pps.net
Swinehart, Tim Social Sciences tswineha@pps.net
Ten Eyck, George Social Sciences gteneyck@pps.net
Tinling, Richard Mathematics rtinling@pps.net
Wadkins, JoAnn Physics, IB Coordinator jwadkins@pps.net
Wallis, Tija Spanish twallis@pps.net
Watson, CJ Health, PE cwatson2@pps.net
Watson, Nathan Chemistry nwatson@pps.net
Weinberg, Ken PE kweinber@pps.net
Wells, Kennan Special Education kwells1@pps.net
Wendel, Kara English kwendel@pps.net
White, Doug Math dwhite1@pps.net
Windle, Lilly Art lwindle@pps.net
Zwissler, Karen Mathematics kzwissler@pps.net