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The LHS Staff is in three sections, Administration, Support Staff, and Faculty. You can click on a staff member name and go directly to their individual webpage, or click their email address.

2014 - 2015

NOTICE:  If you have any security questions or concerns, contact an Administrator here.
Name Position Email
Chapman, Peyton Principal peytonc@pps.net
Principal's Secretary
Kinnersely, Cherie Administrative Vice Principal ckinnersley@pps.net
Herbst, Jennifer Administrative Vice Principal's Secretary jherbst@pps.net
Neal, Cameron Curriculum Vice Principal camneal@pps.net
Kinnison, Stephanie
Curriculum Vice Principal Secretary skinnison@pps.net
Peeler, Jeff Athletic Director jpeeler@pps.net
Richardson, Charlotte Athletic Director Secretary crichardson@pps.net
Support Staff
Name Position Email
Barrar, Chris Counseling (Last names ) cbarrar@pps.net
Holloway (Parks), Danielle Counseling (Last names ) dholloway@pps.net
Morris, Shae Counseling (Last names ) smorris1@pps.net
Clingan, Dave Academic Support Counselor dclingan@pps.net
Hanson, Jim School Psychologist jimhanson@pps.net
Hunt, Louisa Counseling Center Secretary lross2@pps.net
Kilmer, Meg Career Coordinator mkilmer2@pps.net
International Baccalaureate Program
Wadkins, JoAnn IB Coordinator jwadkins@pps.net
  IB Secretary
International Studies Center
  ISC Coordinator  
Health Services
Johnson, Mary School Nurse johnsonm@pps.net
Campus Security
Caples, Stan Campus Monitor scaples@pps.net
Rosevear, Joann Campus Monitor jrosevea@pps.net
Special Education
TBD SpEd Records Clerk  
Cravens, Fretta Paraeducator fcravens@pps.net
Kornberg, Caroline Speech Pathologist ckornberg@pps.net
Hudson, Ann Paraeducator ahudson@pps.net
TBD Paraeducator
Media Center & Bookkeeping
Fox, Fred Teacher-Librarian ffox at pps.net
Doler, Linda Library Assistant ldoler at pps.net
Kubeczko, Bob IT Support (internal) bkubeczk at pps.net
Ross, Jill Bookkeeper jross2 at pps.net
Royale, Pam Book Clerk proyal at pps.net
Study Center Support 
Study Center
Mathematics Study Center
Name Department Email
Abens, Nancy Art nabens@pps.net
Alonso, Ricardo Mathematics ralonso@pps.net
Bailey, David Social Sciences, Journalism dbailey@pps.net
Barnes, Aaron Music abarnes@pps.net
Bourcier, Hannah French hbourcie@pps.net
Brazo, Mark Science mbrazo@pps.net
Brown, Barbara English bbrown1@pps.net
Buehler, Chris Social Sciences cbuehle1@ppsnet
Cameron, Nancy Science ncameron@pps.net
Carr, Jon English jcarr@pps.net
Devry, Peter     Mathematics pdevry@pps.net
Dipascuale, Pablo Spanish pdipascuale@pps.net
Duggan, Andy German aduggan@pps.net
Dutchuk, Ryan Spanish rdutchuk@pps.net
Edington, Linda Special Education ledingto@pps.net
Elliot (Nelson), Amanda Jane English anelson1@pps.net
Fitzpatrick, Scott Special Education jfitzpatrick@pps.net
Gaffney, Emily Spanish egaffney@pps.net
Gale, Melinda Spanish mgale@pps.net
Gutlerner, Jordan English jgutlern@pps.net
Goldhammer, Timm Health tgoldhammer@pps.net
Grone, Katie ESL kgrone@pps.net
Haddon, Blair Science bhaddon@pps.net
Halpern, Mark English mhalpern@pps.net
Hamilton, Chadwick Math & Technology chamilt1@pps.net
Hensley, Emily English ehensley@pps.net
Irby, Cynthia Art cirby@pps.net
Johnson, Melissa Mathematics mjohnso2@pps.net
Kenny, Maureen Science mkenny@pps.net
Lancaster, Steve Social Sciences slancast@pps.net
LaGreide, Rick Social Sciences rlagreid@pps.net
Lisensky, Laura Science llisensk@pps.net
Lynch, Bill English blynch@pps.net
McHaley-Foley, Saneun Spanish sfoley@pps.net
McQueen, Adam Social Sciences amcqueen@pps.net
McVay, Angie Science amcvay@pps.net
Meyer, Marie Mandarin mmeyer1@pps.net
Minato, Joseph Mathematics jminato@pps.net
Nelson, Amanda Jane English anelson1@pps.net
Noakes, Kianne Health, Physical Education knoakes@pps.net
O'Neill, Julie Social Sciences joneill@pps.net
Peeler, Jeff Mathematics & Athletic Director jpeeler@pps.net
Peerenboom, Jim Art jpeerenb@pps.net
Peyton, Arlie English apeyton@pps.net
Raczek, Margaret Science mraczek@pps.net
Rangel, Gregorio Spanish grangel@pps.net
Runion, Steve Science srunion@pps.net
Schmidt, Jerod Art jschmidt@pps.net
Scoville, Steve Physical Education, Health sscovill@pps.net
Siegel, Doug World Language dsiegel@pps.net
Slusher, Chuck Mathematics cslusher@pps.net
Snyder, Susan Social Sciences ssnyder@pps.net
Speicher, Julia Mathematics jspeiche@pps.net
Standish, Sarah Arabic sstandish@pps.net
Sudermann, Jordan Social Sciences - Middle East Studies jsudermann@pps.net
Swinehart, Tim Social Sciences tswineha@pps.net
Tinling, Richard Mathematics rtinling@pps.net
Vandervelde, Andrew Mathematics avanderv@pps.net
Wadkins, JoAnn Theory of Knowledge (TOK) & IB Coordinator jwadkins@pps.net
Wallis, Tija Spanish twallis@pps.net
Watson, Nathan Chemistry nwatson@pps.net
Weinberg, Ken PE kweinber@pps.net
Wells, Kennan Special Education & Virtual Scholars kwells1@pps.net
Wendel, Kara English kwendel@pps.net
Windle, Lilly Art lwindle@pps.net
Wyatt, Tracey English twyatt@pps.net
York, Sydney Health syork@pps.net
Zwissler, Karen Mathematics kzwissler@pps.net