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World Languages


The study of foreign language and culture is an integral part of the International Studies program at Lincoln. With 80% of the student body studying one or more languages, Lincoln has a decidedly "international accent" to its overall curriculum. Lincoln students are encouraged to become involved in a variety of language and cultural experiences, both inside and outside of the foreign language classroom environment. Language clubs, for example, provide opportunities to learn about ethnic crafts, cooking, music, performing arts, etc. Contact with native speakers is facilitated through the International Studies Center as well as through various homestay exchange travel programs organized and coordinated by the foreign language staff.
Five languages are currently offered: Spanish, German, French, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic. Incoming freshmen are asked to list two preferences when forecasting for a foreign language course. This will give the staff and counselors a broader set of choices as they strive to maintain the quality and diversity of Lincoln's foreign language curriculum. Portland Public Schools requires students to complete two years of the same foreign language.


  1. First-year courses in all languages are open to any Lincoln student, regardless of age or year in school.
  2. Students who took a foreign language in seventh and eighth grade must take the second-year level as freshmen at Lincoln if they have earned a grade C or better in their middle school studies.
    Note: Students who have earned a D or an F in a 1-2 or 3-4 class may only repeat the course at Lincoln High School if the space permits.
  3. It is recommended that students earn a C or better in order to move to the next level of a foreign language or have teacher approval.
  4. International Studies Center (ISC) students and International Baccalaureate (IB) students are required to study a foreign language for four or five years. The IB curriculum in foreign languages provides intensive vocabulary-building, writing and speaking units in the third, fourth and fifth-year levels. Basic vocabulary and structure presented during the first two years of each language are continually reviewed and expanded in succeeding years through the reading of literature and texts.


Courses Offered: (For more details about each course check the current course guide.)
  • Arabic 1-2 
  • Arabic 3-4 
  • Arabic 5-6 
  • French 1-2 
  • French 3-4 
  • French 5-6 
  • IB French B SL 7-8 
  • IB French B HL 9-10
  • German 1-2 
  • German 3-4 
  • German 5-6 
  • IB German B SL 7-8 
  • IB German B HL 9-10
  • Mandarin Chinese 1-2
  • Mandarin Chinese 3-4   
  • Mandarin Chinese 5-6
  • IB Mandarin Chinese B SL 7-8 
  • IB Mandarin Chinese B SL 9-10 
  • Spanish 1-2 
  • Spanish 3-4 
  • Spanish 5-6 
  • IB Spanish B SL 7-8 
  • IB Spanish B HL 9-10
  • Spanish Immersion 5-6 
  • Spanish Immersion 7-8 
  • IB Spanish B SL Immersion 9-10 
  • IB Spanish B HL Humanidades 11-12