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Lincoln’s English Curriculum is designed to provide varied opportunities for literature study, writing and speech, including courses which stress the interdisciplinary study of literature, history and art. Our English Department approaches writing as a process, and students have opportunities to use computers for writing and revision in our computer labs. Students will commit to writing a minimum of four formal pieces of writing per year that will undergo the rigors of the writing process. In addition, students will be expected to write informally, creatively and extemporaneously as a way of responding to literature.

In recognition of the international studies emphasis of this school, our courses value the literature of all cultures. As new works in translation become available with greater frequency, we study and review them for possible inclusion in the curriculum. For this reason, the common readings assigned may change from year to year

Our core sequence of courses from the freshman to senior level emphasizes the integration of writing and literature. IB Junior and Senior English is a two-year International Baccalaureate course.

For the student who wishes to specialize further, we offer Journalism and Reading the Media.

Courses Offered: (For more details about each course check the current course guide.)

  • English 1-2: Lit./Comp.
  • English 3-4: American Lit.
  • English 3-4: Accel. American Lit.
  • English 5-6
  • English 5-6: Reading the Media
  • English 7-8: Reading the Media
  • English 7-8: Humor & Culture
  • English 7-8: World Lit.
  • IB English A1 HL 5-6
  • IB English A1 HL 7-8
  • Beginning Journalism 1-2
  • Advanced Journalism 3-4
English as a Second Language
  • ELL Literature 1 9-12
  • ELL Composition 1 9-12
  • ELD English Development