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Health Action Network Cardinal Families

Health Action Network Cardinal Families Agreement

We believe that families networking together are key to maintaining the safety and wellness of Lincoln students.

In the PTSO directory, members of Health Action Network/Cardinal Families have signed and returned this form so they can be identified with an asterisk (*) printed before their children's last names.

At least one parent or guardian in each of these families has agreed to the following:
  • We agree that all youth social events in our homes will be chaperoned and free of alcohol and other drugs.
  • We agree to help each other when called for information, assistance or advice and understand that such conversations are confidential.
  • We are alert to the importance of securely storing anything of potential danger in the hands of youth, including alcohol, prescription drugs, guns, ammunition and household products that may be used as inhalants or intoxicants.
  • We give our permission to be designated in the Lincoln PTA directory as Cardinal Family members.

Cardinal Families invite you to call them when evaluating social opportunities. If a family doesn't have an asterisk by its name in the directory, call anyway!

All Lincoln families are welcome to participate in the Health Action Network/Cardinal Families. Please contact suzannehayden5@gmail.com for more information.


Our Goals

To support the health and well being of Lincoln students and community in the following ways:


Parents, staff, students and community members working to help students:
Doing this by:
  1. Avoid alcohol, tobacco and other drugs
  2. Promote emotional and social wellness
  3. Enhance healthy sexuality
  4. Improve physical activity and wellness
  5. Prevent violence and suicide
  6. Improve nutritional choices
  7. Avoid unintentional injury
  1. Creating a connected community
  2. Increasing empathy and tolerance for differences
  3. Promoting active listening and respectful communication
  4. Opening pathways for teens to connect with adults
  5. Providing opportunities to give or reach out to others
  6. Implementing policies to support a healthy environment
  7. Providing reliable information and appropriate resources

Regular Activities
  • Staff Health Action Network Leadership Team - organize meetings, prioritize activities, coordinate funding, implementation and promotion. Work with students/parents/staff to implement special projects that fit into Health Action Network framework (see Request for Funding Form).
  • Coordinate the Freshman Scavenger Hunt on their first day at Lincoln. Work with Peer Mentors who took freshmen through the building and had them meet key staff members in a fun and interactive way.
  • Collect and compile Health Action Network/Cardinal Families' (link to agreement below) names for the PTA directory.
  • Promote the Code of Conduct to all LHS coaches and work to expand its use to club sports and other extracurricular activities.
  • Hold a series of "PARENT TO PARENT, Courageous Conversations" on topics such as substance abuse, eating disorders, sexuality minority awareness, and suicide prevention. These evenings are a dynamic way for parents and professionals to share experiences and insight about pertinent topics related to physical and mental health.
  • Maintain the Health Action Network/Cardinal Families bulletin board with attractive, pertinent content related to health and wellness topics.
  • Help students and community understand that eating disorders are not a choice, but a disease during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.
  • Put articles in the Spirit newsletter and work with student reporters to develop articles for Cardinal Times
  • Put on or collaborate on school-wide community events including campus clean ups, an important way for adults and students to work together for the betterment of the community and Arts Beat International, an example of an inspiring substance-free way to have fun.
  • Make voices heard on matters that concern the health and wellness of LHS community

Anti-Bullying Program

"Bullying and harassment is a problem that affects all schools and many students. The bullying issue has regained national prominence recently. A young woman in Massachusetts took her own life because she was harassed repeatedly. Obviously, bullying affects academic performance and students’ mental health. Lincoln parents have asked what our school is doing to keep Lincoln a safe and respectful learning environment. Parents also want to know what they can do to help."

You've just read the first paragraph of an article written by Lincoln's School Psychologist Jim Hanson about our Anti-Bullying Program and student support efforts. Please take the time to read the full article below to learn more about what we are doing here and how you can help us at home. This work has been done in support of our 2010-2011 mental health goals in our School Improvement Plan. We take bullying seriously and we need your help to keep all of our students safe and allow for learning in a safe environment. Many deep thanks to our one of a kind School Psychologist Jim Hanson and to our Cardinal Families Health Action Network Committee.

Respect-Maintain It Article



Downloadable resources and materials

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