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Arlie Peyton

Arlie Peyton has been teaching for six years. He left a role as a medical center director to address his deep concerns about public education. Mr. Peyton started off his career at Madison HS teaching English and Leadership at the oldest Alternative Education program in Oregon, FOCUS. This is where he first met Principal Chapman (a VP at the time).

At FOCUS, Mr. Peyton created a state-funded business program and the CLS: Community Leaders in Schools program, where he invited his former clients and regional business experts to augment his curriculum.

After leaving Madison, Mr. Peyton worked at Benson HS hoping to create another robust business program at a school he believed to be a model CTE institution. District funds restricted many programs and Mr. Peyton was recruited by LHS to teach English and eventually business.

Mr. Peyton founded the new LHS business program around the concept of Social Equity and Sustainable Development. Annually students raise thousands of dollars for various charities and they have been featured in the news outlets.

The LHS business program grew from 1 course to 12 courses in three years. Mr. Peyton continued to invite his network of CLS professionals to the classroom, which turned into a veritable Who’s Who List of influential Portland executives. In time, a scholarship was created with the help of Nike and the business department was honored with funds from The Wheeler Foundation grant.

In 2014 he created the PSU Dual Credit program so high school students could simultaneously earn both HS and college credits in the Management and Personal Finance courses taught at LHS. Also, a partnership was forged with Catlin Gable for the annual Startup Weekend event for HS entrepreneurs.

Also in 2014 Mr. Peyton served on the Executive Board as the State Representative for Vocational Education. His role lead him to consult several CTE programs across the state and yearly over five high schools visit the LHS business program to learn from its grass-roots growth and leadership.

Mr. Peyton continues to teach as an Adjunct Professor at either PSU or Clark College and yearly he takes on less than five business clients to remain in the industry.

Mr. Peyton was the first Teacher Profile featured on the LHS Foundation website:


Email: apeyton@pps.net

Phone: 503-916-5200

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Schedule for 2014-15:

Teaching Schedule A Day
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1 Business Management
2 Planning
3 Entrepreneurship
4 Intro to Business 1-2
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5 Business Management
6 Planning
7 Entrepreneurship
8 Intro to Business 1-2