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Registration 2012-2013

Registration Packet

Please click here for the 2012-2013 registration packet.

Volunteers Needed!

PTA needs a few more volunteers for the 2 fun days of 2012 - 2013 Registration, You want to know your kids friends? This is where it starts! Please click here. Thank you!

Registration will be at the following times:

 Senior  Tuesday, August 21 8:30 - 11:30 
 Freshman  Tuesday, August 21  1:30 - 4:30
 Sophomore   Thursday, August 23  8:30 - 11:30
 Junior  Thursday, August 23  1:30 - 4:30

Registration Day Information
  • Student schedules will be distributed when students register (not available prior to registration day).
  • Registration starts at the outside doors to the cafeteria. You will enter the cafeteria to drop off completed forms, get your schedules and have some forms checked. When the students don’t have forms, or haven’t filled them in or have not had them signed, it slows down the line at the beginning.
  • As students move through the line, they can pay course and activity expenses. Remember to bring the Student Registration Sheet included in the registration packet. Checks should be payable to Lincoln High School.
  • Go to the auditorium to have your pictures taken and your photo ID made. The forms for pictures will be mailed out to you separately by the photographer. They will need a separate payment.  All must go through the ID photo station.
  • Freshmen/Sophomore/Junior additional photos: Information from photographer is mailed separately. Seniors may select their own photographer and submit their picture to the yearbook at a later date.
  • Lockers are assigned in the hallways where they are located for the year of each session. For example, freshman hallway is upstairs above the auditorium. Your locker partner needs to be in line with you at this time.
  • Students will get their books from the book room, which is next to the cafeteria, in the basement. They need to show their schedules and ID so the volunteers know which books to hand out to them.
  • The payment room is in Room 71C, also in the basement. You can pay fees, prepay for yearbooks or directories, join parent organizations, purchase tickets and make donations with one payment. We can only take cash or checks at this time. No debit or credit cards, please.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students who miss their scheduled registration should take care of paying registration expenses on September 5th , 6th or 7th.


Students and parents are asked to understand that the Lincoln staff (Administrators, Counselors, IB Coordinator and Teachers) will make every attempt possible to ensure that every student is offered the courses that they requested on their forecasting sheet. The priority is to ensure that every student meets all PPS Diploma requirements, as well as the IB Diploma requirements when appropriate. School staffing decisions are based on the data collected from these student course selections. With this in mind, please understand that student schedule changes cannot be made over the summer/fall months unless the student has completed a course over the summer, a student was scheduled into a class that they did not forecast or it is discovered that a student was scheduled into a course without having met the course prerequisites.

Student store will be open during registration. Please bring cash or check to purchase items from the store.