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Sophomore College and Career Planning


  • Assess your strengths and weakness & examine your interest, aptitudes and activities
  • Continue to take challenging course load
  • Work hard to pull your GPA up or don’t let it slip
  • Continue to be involved with clubs and activities that interest you, but think about focusing on one or two extra-curricular activites
  • Explore summer opportunities (on-campus programs, work experience, volunteer opportunities, travel etc) to enrich your experiences
  • Begin to think about possible careers
  • Attend a college fair and/or a college presentation by a college rep
  • Continue to keep track of activities, honors, awards and accomplishments
  • Get involved in volunteer/community service
  • Take PTA practice tests for ACT or SAT
  • Read, read, read, read, read



By Judy Christie, College Planning Consultants, www.selectingcolleges.com

Students can be broken down into all sorts of categories as any teacher can tell you, but for the purpose of discussing time management I will stick to those who are always busy and those who are always relaxed. Unfortunately for students, parents are driven to distraction by either of these extremes.

Time is one of our important resources that we never seem to have enough of and one that we often do not use wisely. Everything you do is based on time - even brushing your teeth in the morning - or not, since you overslept because you left that paper to the last minute and did not finish it until way too late. It is important not to "invite" stress into your life. Being over committed or leaving everything to the last minute is a guaranteed way to stress out. Either way things get jammed up and stress is the result for everyone in the household.

A good lesson for high school and college, as well as for life, is to learn how to balance this precious commodity of time. Not all students like to get things done in the same manner. Some prefer to be busy all of the time, moving from one activity to another and sometimes burning the candle at both ends. Some students take a more relaxed approach or commonly, their philosophy is: that which can be done today, can be done tomorrow. Whichever personality you are, most likely you can end up not brushing your teeth some mornings. The "stay busy" types tend to overextend themselves with too many activities and can become stressed, driving parents - particularly moms - crazy. The "stay relaxed" types tend to procrastinate and end up in a panic rush to get things done because they haven't utilized their time well. This drives everyone crazy.

Whether you are always busy or always relaxed, here are some suggestions to help develop good time management skills:
  • Get a calendar or a daily planner of some sort and use it.
  • Write down ALL assignments along with due dates.
  • Look over commitments, be they academic, social or essentials for daily living like sleeping, brushing your teeth and eating.
  • Prioritize ALL activities and make sure that ALL are allotted the time they need for completion. This will help to decide what isn't worth doing and what needs extra attention.
  • Use the calendar to keep track of all commitments and deadlines. Include EVERYTHING. Taking this extra step will help you determine if you are too busy or too relaxed.
  • Schedule a timeline for all projects, papers, preparation for tests, etc. so that they aren't done all at the last minute either because you are over committed or because you procrastinated. Goals are often achieved in a more successful manner if small steps are taken over time rather than jammed into a given time slot.
  • Taking time to schedule your activities whether they are academic or social or just daily personal maintaince will prevent you from going into overload mode at crunch time.
  • Carry a calendar or daily planner with you at all times and refer to it. That way you won't overbook and you might be reminded that a deadline is approaching.
  • If you can learn to balance your time you will be able to maintain the energy you need to do well in everything, including brushing your teeth. The beginning of the school year is a good time to start. Try it. It might put some sanity into your life and everyone else's.