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Counseling Staff

The counseling team serves a student population of over 1700. Students are assigned to counselors alphabetically by last name and work with the same counselor for all 4 years. Counselors are available to help with academics, social and emotional needs, personal issues, and planning for the future. 

The Counseling Office has an open-door policy for all of our students during the school year. If a parent would like to meet with a counselor an appointment needs to be scheduled. Due to the many changing events that happen during the day counselors are often unable to take parent walk-ins. To set up an appointment, please email your student's counselor directly. 



Curriculum & Counseling Vice Principal

Ginger Taylor

503-916-5200 x 66085 / gtaylor1@pps.net

Curriculum Vice Principal Secretary

Stephanie Kinnison

503-916-5200 x 66098 / skinnison@pps.net



Counseling Secretary

Cynthia Roberts

503-916-5200 x 66093 / croberts@pps.net

Students: A - CN / Seniors A - DI

James McGee 

503-916-5200 x 66084 / jmcgee3@pps.net

Students: CO - G / Seniors DJ - I

Photo of Shae

Shae Morris

Phone: 503-916-5200 x 66088 / smorris1@pps.net

Students: H - LL / Seniors J - MO

Photo of Danielle Parks

Danielle Holloway

503-916-5200 x 66089 / dholloway@pps.net

Students: LM - ND / Seniors MP - SC / ELL / AVID

Marquita Guzman

503-916-5200 x 66086 /mguzman@pps.net

Students: NE - SK / Senior Transfers / Foreign Exchange

 Debra Sankovitz

Phone: 503-916-5200 x 67552  / dsankovitz@pps.net

Students: SL - Z / Seniors SE - Z

Photo of Chris Barrar

Chris Barrar

503-916-5200 x 66083 / cbarrar@pps.net

All Students - College & Career Coordinator

Photo of Meg Kilmer

Meg Kilmer

503-916-5200 x 75419 / mkilmer2@pps.net

All Students - Academic Support Counselor

 Dave Clingan

503-916-5200  x75531/ dclingan@pps.net  
Room 11

For academic support information and resources see:

IB Coordinator

 JoAnn Wadkins

(503) 916-5200 x 75415 /jwadkins@pps.net

School Psychologist

Photo of Jim Hanson

Jim Hanson 

(503) 916-5200 x66087 / jimhanson@pps.net

  • Provides support to special education team to complete psycho-educational assessments and individualized education programs (IEPs) for students who have educational disabilities such as learning disabilities, ADHD, health impairments, emotional disturbances and autism spectrum disorders.
  • Offers group and individual counseling services to students on IEPs and others who might require them.
  • Consults with the Lincoln Student Support Team and Health Action Network.
  • Helps design the three-tiered intervention model for academics and social/emotional/behavioral learning at LHS.Universal supports for all students, supplemental supports for students at risk, and targeted supports for students identified with educational disabilities.
  • Consults with administration and teachers on issues such as suicide prevention and intervention, distress tolerance and mindfulness skills, accommodations for students with educational disabilities, and school climate (e.g., GLBT, attendance initiative, etc.).