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Chemical elements

Periodic Table


Earth Science Project Raczek/Kenny

Solar System Related Information


Interactive Periodic Table of Elements

Planet Quest: Supported by NASA and sponsored by the Jet Propulsion Lab of the California Institute of Technology.

Scientific American's searchable database of up to date information.

NASA History: Topical Index contains a list of informational sources spreading over a wide range of topics pertaining to NASA and its past and current endeavors.

Weather Related Information

The National Weather Service provides links to real time weather information and valuable resources for the study of weather past and present.

Tsunamis and Earthquakes

NOAA Tsunami Website: A good source for accurate information on Tsunamis and responses by the government.

U.S. Geological Survey with information especially pertaining to earthquakes on a global and national scale. Filled with facts and trivia, as well as distinct real time information found no where else.

Genetics / Haddon & Jensen

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology

Scientific American


Science Daily


The Scientist

Renewable Energy Project Raczek/Kenny

Real Time Data for LHS Solar Panel

Renewable Energy Northwest

U.S. Department of Energy