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K-8 Dual Language Immersion

In the Dual Language Immersion classes, students learn a second language (whether it be Spanish or English) without compromising the first. Spanish is emphasized in the early grades. Therefore, English speakers are exposed to the target language of Spanish. Spanish speakers, conversely, have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary and build a strong base in their primary language so that they can successfully acquire English orally and later transferring reading and writing skills into English.

Message from Principal Sing

April 7, 2016

Dear Lent Families and Community Members,

It is hard to believe it is April already and the weather is changing as we move toward finishing up an incredible year. It seems like only yesterday that students entered the building for a new year. The year has been filled with successes and challenges but mostly the incredible ability to this community to come together to support the school and the community.

The PTA is vibrant and working toward creating places for all voices to be heard. If you didn’t make a meeting this year, please try. I leave each and every one energized to move forward to hear the voices of our students and to continue to grow here at Lent. PTA meets the third Thursday of each month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the library. Plans for a new playground and other events are planned to support the children of this school.

Teachers and staff are working hard to extend the learning of the students to the very last moments in preparation for next year. I feel honored to work with them daily as they put their hearts into the work of wanting each child to succeed. They spend countless hours connecting with families and students and it is greatly appreciated. Staff Appreciation Week begins the week of May 7th, please let them know how much they are appreciated and loved with a word or gesture.

The death of Trustin Tate, a 9th grader at Franklin High School who attended Lent for three years, greatly impacted the school and the community. He was well-loved here by students, staff and community. The community of Lent supported his family and the students at Franklin to remember his legacy at the school and share stories about his life. The commitment of this community to support each other through difficult times shows the resiliency of this community.

As the end of the school year brings more sunshine and blooming, it is a time to be grateful for all we have accomplished over this year. It is a time to remember how this community connected in times of happiness and sadness. To hug our children close and greet our neighbors to connect with what each of us needs, a connection in the belief of what can be and what has been to celebrate and acknowledge.

Empowering students to dream,

Terri Sing
Principal, Lent School

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 07 de abril de 2016

Queridas familias de Lent y miembros de la comunidad,

Es difícil de creer que ya es abril y el clima está cambiando a medida que avanzamos hacia terminando un año increíble. Parece que sólo fue ayer que los estudiantes entraron al edificio para un nuevo año. El año ha sido lleno de éxitos y retos, pero sobre todo la increíble capacidad de esta comunidad se unan para apoyar a la escuela y la comunidad.

El PTA es vibrante y trabajo hacia la creación de lugares para todas las voces ser escuchados. Si no haces una reunión de este año, inténtalo. Os dejo todos y cada uno energizada para mover hacia adelante a oír las voces de nuestros alumnos y seguir creciendo aquí en Lent. PTA se reúne el tercer jueves de cada mes de 6:00 a 7:30 en la biblioteca. Planes para un nuevo patio de juegos y otros eventos están previstos para apoyar a los niños de esta escuela.

Maestros/a y personal está trabajando duro para ampliar el aprendizaje de los estudiantes de los últimos momentos en preparación para el próximo año. Me siento honrada de trabajar con ellos diariamente como ponen sus corazones en la obra de que cada niño tenga éxito. Pasan incontables horas de conexión con las familias y los estudiantes y es muy apreciada. Semana de apreciación personal comienza la semana del 2 de mayo, por favor, hazles saber cuánto son apreciados y amados con una palabra o gesto.

La muerte de Tate Trustin, un 9º grado en Franklin High School asistentes de la Lent durante tres años, impactó grandemente la escuela y la comunidad. Fue muy querido aquí por estudiantes, personal y comunidad. La comunidad de Lent apoyó su familia y los estudiantes de Franklin para recordar su legado en la escuela y compartir historias acerca de su vida. El compromiso de esta comunidad de apoyo mutuo a través de tiempos difíciles muestra la resistencia de esta comunidad.

Como el final del año escolar trae más sol y florece, es un tiempo para estar agradecidos por todos los que hemos logrado durante este año. Es un momento para recordar cómo esta comunidad conectados en momentos de felicidad y tristeza. Para abrazar a nuestros hijos cerca y saludar a nuestros vecinos para conectar con lo que cada uno de nosotros necesita, una conexión en la creencia de lo que puede ser y lo que ha sido para celebrar y reconocer.

Capacitar a los estudiantes a soñar,

Terri Sing
Directora, Escuela Lent

Upcoming Events & Reminders


Young Audiences’ Run for the Arts is a simple and effective fundraising jog-a-thon that helps schools raise money for arts programming. For over 35 years, Young Audiences’ Run for the Arts has helped schools raise nearly $14 million for arts in education. Run for the Arts Pledge forms are being passed out in PE week. Classroom teachers, thank you in advance for your support! If you could encourage students to get sponsors, that would be great! Pledge forms are DUE APRIL 15th. RUN DAY is APRIL 22nd and we need parent volunteers.


Thank you,

Bernadette (P.E. Teacher)



April 7th - Fun Thursday, 6th period. MS teachers, let's meet for a few minutes before the staff meeting on Tuesday to figure out the logistics

April 15th - Honor Roll Breakfast 8:50 in the auditorium.

April 15th - Spring Fling! The middle school dance will be from 5:00-7:00 in the auditorium. Let me know if you would like to chaperone or help set up 

April 28th - Middle School Spring Showcase, 6:30-7:30 in the auditorium and lobby. All middle school students will have their work from this semester on display for the community to see. Similar to science fair, this will be a celebration of our kids' hard work over the past couple of months.

K-5 Daily Schedule

8:15a.m. Students admitted into building. 

8:30a.m. First Bell

8:45a.m. Tardy Bell

3:00p.m. Dismissal

Prompt pick-up is necessary for the safety of all children.

6th, 7th, 8th Schedule

8:15a.m. Students admitted into building.

8:30a.m. First Bell

8:37a.m. Tardy Bell

3:00p.m. Dismissal

Prompt pick-up is necessary

for the safety of all children.

2015-2016 Late Openings

All PPS K-5, K-8 and middle schools will open two hours late on eight Wednesdays throughout the 2015-16 year for staff training.


2015-2016 School Calender

Here is the district calender for the 2015-2016 school year.


Lent Calendar

PPS News

Advisory committee forwards to superintendent recommendations for district-wide structural changes

January 29, 2016

The District-Wide Boundary Review Committee sent to the superintendent on Jan. 28 the first blueprint for structural change district-wide in many years, on the principle that balancing growing enrollment among all schools will support strong schools in every neighborhood, investing in the continued vitality of the city.


PPS grad rate up 21 points in seven years

January 28, 2016
Portland Public Schools graduation rate rose four percentage points last year to 74 percent, a 21 percentage point increase over seven years.  The PPS five-year graduation rate also improved two percentage points to 75 percent, up from 73 percent.

Board approves 2016-2017 calendar

January 26, 2016
The Portland Public Schools board voted 6-1 tonight, January 26, to start school August 29, 2016 and end June 9, 2017.


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