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Jason Lee Staff 2014-2015


Administrative and Office Staff Position Email
Ms. Len Reed  Principal... lreed@PPS.net
Ms. Susan Kosmala  Assistant Principal skosmala@PPS.net
Ms. Susan Hill  SMS/LA/Tech shill1@pps.net
Ms. Maria Leatha  Principal’s Secretary mleatha@PPS.net
Ms. Barbara Witter  School Secretary bwitter@PPS.net
Support and Exploratory Staff
Ms. Nicole Penoncello  Art……………..………………… NPenoncello@PPS.net
Mr. Mike Romanaggi  Music/4th Grade mromanaggi@pps.net
Ms. Laura Beckman  Spanish………………………………… lbeckman@PPS.net 
Mr. Aaron Tanabe  PE atanabe@PPS.net 
Ms. Susan Robertson  Media Specialist Library srobertson@PPS.net
Ms. Julie Pedersen  ESL jpedersen@PPS.net
Ms. Dawn Williams  Learning Center dwillia2@pps.net
Ms. Joanne Havran  K-5 Learning Center jhavran@pps.net
Ms. Julie Pedersen  ESL jpedersen@PPS.net
Ms. Sara Beck  Inst. Specialist shotchki@pps.net
Ms. Sheila Hallinan  Inst. Specialist-Reading shallinan@pps.net
Ms. Phuong Anh Tran  ESL ptran@pps.net
Ms. Stephanie Corbett  EA Reading scorbett@pps.net
Ms. Lynne Cox  EA Reading lcox@pps.net
Ms. Tammy Landis  EA Reading tlandis@pps.net
Ms. Jennean Dean  Cafeteria ns264@pps.net
Special Education Staff
Ms. Chrys Pappas  Psychologis cpappas@PPS.net 
Ms. Chris Doherty  Counselor cdoherty@PPS.net
Ms. Jerae Bjelland  Speech Path jbjellan@PPS.net
Ms. Chris Miller  Speech Path cmiller1@pps.net
Ms. Victoria West Teacher K-2 CB vwest1@pps.net
Ms. Wendi Watson  Teacher 3-5 C-B wwatson@PPS.net
Ms. Theresa Bonaduce  Paraeducator .tbonaducePPS.net
Ms. Robert Brooks  Paraeducator .rbrooks1@PPS.net
Ms. Evelyn Ellis  Paraeducator eellis@PPS.net
Ms. Susan Fuller  Paraeducator sfuller@PPS.net
Ms. Kathleen Hurlebaus  Paraeducator khurelbaus@PPS.net
Ms. Rita Leonard  Paraeducator rleonard@PPS.net
Ms. Gay McNeil  Paraeducator gmcneil@pps.net
Ms. Joy Rozee  Paraeducator jrozee@pps.net
Ms. Whittney Russell  Paraeducator 1:1 wrussell@pps.net
Ms. Stacey Shiels  Paraeducator sshiels@pps.net
Teaching Staff
Mr. Philip dela Houssay  Kindergarten pdelahoussay@PPS.net
Mr. Aaron Finley  Kindergarten afinley@PPS.net
Ms. Sarah McKee  Kindergarten smckee@PPS.net
Ms. Hannah Flinn  1st grade…….. hflinn@PPS.net
Ms. Brittany Grahn  1st grade .bgrahn@PPS.net
Ms. Emily Berchier  2nd grade. eberchier@PPS.net
Mr. James Geisler  2nd grade jgeisler@PPS.net
Ms. Michelle Lloyd  2nd grade….. mlloyd@PPS.net
Ms. Amy Alderman  3rd grade taalderma@PPS.net
Mr. Marianne Lowery  3rd grade mlowery@PPS.net
Ms. Kali Capps  4th grade kcapps@pps.net
Ms. Tracy Lawrence  4th grade/ESL tlawrence@PPS.net
Mr. Mike Romanaggi  4th grade mromanaggi@PPS.net
Ms. Nicole Martin  5th grade nmartin@PPS.net
Mr. Brian Cates  5th grade bcates@PPS.net
Mr. Robert Carstensen  6th grade Math/Science rcarsten@PPS.net
Ms. Dana Karki  6th grade LA/SS dkarki@PPS.net
Mr. Michael Zibelman  6th -8th grade LA/SS/Tech mzibelman@PPS.net
Ms. RaeAnn Suckow  7th-8th grade Math rsuckow@PPS.net
Ms. Amy Sutton  7th-8th grade Science asutton@PPS.net
Ms. Erika Alabarca  8th grade LA/SS ealabarc@PPS.net
School & Building Resources
Mr. Greg Baldwin  Head Custodian…………………… gbaldwin@PPS.net 
Ms. Joanna Suckow  School Nurse. jsuckow@mesd.k12.or.us
Ms. Rebecca Wood  Sun School rhwood@pps.net