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October: Folder Creation, Downloading Images, MLA Citation

As we have discussed in class, our Photo Story project had several learning goals. One goal was for students to understand how to create and organize folders for a particular purpose. Another was to understand how to find large pixel images on Google Images and save them to a digital kit folder. Still another goal was for students to know how to create a citation for an article or poem on a website.

To assess whether students have met these objectives, I have created an in-class assignment that is listed below. You must work ALONE, so I can learn what YOU learned while creating your project.

You may use ANY hand outs, view previous postings on my webpage, any resources provided throughout the Photo Story project.

Follow the instructions exactly:

1. In your My Documents folder, create a folder called “Computer”
2. Within your “Computer” folder, create a folder called “Digital Kit”
3. Open an Internet Browser and call up the website, Google Images.
4. Select 4 different images of Trees that have a pixel size higher than 600x600. Save these images to your “Digital Kit” folder.
5. Next, in your Internet Browser, open up the following URL, www.npr.org and find the article titled, “
How Much Does Birth Order Shape Our Lives?"

6. Create an MLA-style citation for the article “Why Records are 12 Inches Wide.”
7. Copy your MLA-style citation to a Word document and save it to the Computer folder in My Documents.

When you finish this assignment, sign the Exit Ticket provided in class and bring it to Mrs. S.