Portland Public Schools
Portland, Oregon

Lane Quasar LogoLane Middle School

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7200 SE 60th Ave. | Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 916-6355 | Fax: (503) 916-2648



Support Staff   Title  Email 
To Be Announced Principal
To Be Announced   Vice Principal
Shannon Misner Principal's Secretary
Angela Scotto Instructional Specialist ascotto@pps.net
Kahrissa Yazzolino-White Campus Safety Monitor kyazzoli@pps.net
Javier Huerta  School Counselor  jhuerta@pps.net 
Travis Wells SUN School Coordinator Travis.Wells@portlandoregon.gov
Melissa Sayler I.T. Support msextonsayler@pps.net

Teaching Staff     Subject                      Email
Frances Ankeny 8th Grade Math  fankeny@pps.net 
Sean Barry 8th Grade Science  sbarry@pps.net 
Leslie Burgoine   6th Grade LA & SS  lburgoin@pps.net  
Heather Dickinson  Learning Center Support  hdickinson@pps.net 
Katie Gates 6th/7th Grade Math  kgates@pps.net
Lindsay Hibbert 7th Grade Science  lhibbert1@pps.net  
Keith Jones  Wellness  kjones5@pps.net 
John Kavanaugh 8th Grade LA & SS  jkavanaugh@pps.net 
Gretchen Kendrick  SPED Intensive Skills   gkendrick@pps.net 
Paige Miller  7th Grade Science  pmiller2@pps.net 
Brian Penland  8th Grade Math  bpenland@pps.net 
Lucinda Peterson  7th Grade Math  lucindap@pps.net 
Tracy Quintero  Art  tquintero@pps.net 
Sara Raspone   Media Specialist  sraspone@pps.net 
Bruce Reiter  6th Grade Science  breiter@pps.net 
Judy Rose   Music  jrose@pps.net 
Stephanie Satoorian  8th Grade Science  ssatoorian@pps.net 
Leslie Skybak 7th Grade LA & SS  lskybak@pps.net 
Shaphan Thomas  6th/7th Grade Math  sthomas@pps.net 
Chris Timmerman  Reading Specialist  ctimmerman@pps.net 
Laura Valent  Spanish  lvalent@pps.net 
Donna Wastradowski  7th/8th Grade LA & SS  dwastrad@pps.net 
Liza Whitaker  Learning Center Support  lwhitak1@pps.net 
Larissa Wisdom  English Language Literacy  lwisdom@pps.net