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Kelly Elementary is located in southeast Portland, close to a new mass transit station. The school was built in 1953 and is home to approximately 630 K–5 students who come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Kelly staff and students benefit from a number of partnerships with community agencies. Our highly qualified staff works hard to provide targeted instruction for our students using a variety of strategies. Kelly students have made consistent progress in math, reading and writing on statewide assessments over the last four years.

Our purpose, in partnership with families and our community, is to provide rich educational opportunities with high expectations for every child in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters critical thinking, celebrates diversity and promotes lifelong learning and social responsibility.

Kelly's Russian immersion program has classes in grades Kindergarten through Fifth grade. In 2013-2014, Kelly's first fifth grade class will be moving to Lent school where they will continue to study the russian language as they work toward mastery as bi literate/ bicultural learners. Immersion classrooms serve both native Russian speakers and native English speakers.  Students enrolled in the Russian Immersion program learn how to speak, read and write in Russian through in content classes using the district approved curriculum. Like all kelly students, Russian immersion students also attend special classes like PE, music and library. 

School tours can be arranged by appointment. If you are interested in a tour of Kelly School please call Yelena Wanner at 503-916-6352


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Начальная школа Келли расположена в юго-восточной части Портленда. Скоро недалеко от нее будет создан новый узел общественного транспорта. Школа построена в 1953; в ней учится примерно 650 школьников.

По пятницам, во время школьного дня, проводятся экскурсии нашей школы.  Yelena Wanner  503-916-6352.


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Kelly Elementary School
9030 SE Cooper | Portland, OR 97266
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