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Jefferson High School - Middle College for Advanced Studies

"One of the greatest benefits of the middle college program is belief. Many of our students simply didn't see college as an option. But once they realize it is within reach, they begin to believe that they belong there."

- Dr. Algie Gatewood, President
Portland Community College, Cascade Campus

Jefferson offers students the best of both worlds

At Jefferson, students learn college-readiness skills, choose from such offerings as the Health Science/Biotechnology program (which includes upper level math and science courses), Jefferson Dance Program and Digital Media/Video Production and activities from student government to sports.

On the Jefferson Campus, students have several opportunities to take dual-credit courses. These are classes taught by Jefferson teachers, in Jefferson classrooms, that meet the level required for college credit. Examples of dual-credit courses include: Junior English for 4 credits of Reading 115; Advanced Art for 3 credits of Art 115; and Advanced Jazz, Ballet, and Jefferson Dancers for up to 7 credits, based on course and experience.

At Portland Community College Cascade Campus, students take PCC courses with PCC college students for college credit free of charge. Many students pursue coursework that prepares them for a four-year degree. Others seek job-related training in fields like Medical Assisting, Fire Protection, and Emergency Management Systems.

In June 2011, University of Oregon signed a memorandum of understanding with PCC and Portland Public Schools to offer full tuition scholarships to Jefferson graduates with at least 45 college credits and whose family incomes qualifies them for a federal Pell Grant. The Jefferson Middle College for Advanced Studies is pleased to announce that Willamette and Pacific universities have joined UO, OSU, PSU and Warner Pacific in offering scholarships and gap-funding to eligible Jefferson graduates. Please click HERE for additional funding and scholarship information.

"University of Oregon is pleased to extend to eligible Jefferson graduates full tuition scholarships to complete their bachelor's degrees with us. We are impressed by the middle college model and believe Jefferson will prepare students for college success."

- Dr. Roger J. Thompson, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management
University of Oregon

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