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PTA Volunteer Opportunities 08-09

There are many volunteer opportunities.

To volunteer at Irvington School please contact Caitlin Krause at caitlinkrause@yahoo.com to learn where the need is the greatest.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at Irvington - many activities and events could not take place without the efforts and contributions of our community of volunteers. On the last page is a sign up form. Please provide your contact information + check which volunteer opportunities you might be interested in. Return that form to your student’s teacher or return to front office. Thanks!

Fall + Ongoing

Auction: This is our primary fundraiser (more than $100,000 raised annually) and one of our biggest community builders. It takes a community to organize each auction and the event itself is a lot of fun! Volunteer needs are varied and extensive – opportunities vary from standing committees to night of auction volunteers. Volunteers needed for planning committee + night of volunteers. Click here for details.

Arts Curriculum Planning: PTA parents collaborate with the Irvington School staff to help provide in-class arts enrichment opportunities that support the school's core academic curriculum. The Arts Committee welcomes all volunteers with a soft spot for the arts.Contact Stacy Korn staceykorn@gmail.com and Nancy Whitmore Sennett nancysin@hotmail.com

Cafeteria Volunteers: Teachers serve as cafeteria monitors and the cafeteria staff serves the food, but the kids help themselves to the salad and baked potato bar. Volunteers willing to monitor the salad/baked potato bar during lunch are much appreciated! Contact: Cafeteria Manager, Diana

Chess + Go Club: Irvington's chess + go club has over fifty 2nd-5th graders eager to learn and practice chess + go skills. Volunteers are needed to supervise, encourage and share strategies with students. Knowledge of chess + go is desirable but NOT required! Contact: Scott Wiens 281-7030, puntific@aol.com

Classroom Volunteers: Most teachers welcome volunteers in their classrooms and most teachers have their own system for arranging for and utilizing volunteers. Check with your child's teacher if you are interested in helping out in the classroom.

Directory: the parents of the PTA create the school directory. Help us enter the data, copy the directory + distribute. Contact Jay Hoover, 503.349.8329, jay.elaine@gmail.com

Extracurricular Coordinator: Work with extracurricular programs to provide students a wide range of opportunities for enrichment. Organize that information + make it available to parents. Contact Susan O'Kelley nsokelly@msn.com

Fundraising Coordinator: Provide overall coordination of new opportunities that come up during the school year. On behalf of the PTA, work with classrooms that might want to do their own fundraising events. New position: WANTED!

Garden: Love to garden? Join your children as they grow fruit, vegetables + play in the dirt. Contac Cathy Percich, cpercich@pps.net or Judy Cappelman, jcapplem@pps.net

Gift Wrap: Families and friends have an opportunity to order gift-wrap and gifts from a catalog sent home in Sept. The school receives 50% of the proceeds. Volunteers are needed to promote the sale and distribute orders. Contact: Rachel Reich, 503.946.8627, chrisandrachel@mac.com

Lego Club: Two clubs this year: 3-5th graders + 6th-8th graders. Volunteers needed and are requested to be present 1 day every other week. Volunteers will get free training, a guaranteed spot in the club for their kids and the satisfaction of creating future engineers! Contact: Justin Hirsch, 503.460.2703, justin@hirschfamily.com

Library Volunteers: Volunteers needed for data entry, book weeding, etc. Volunteers needed for both planning committee + hands on library tasks. Contact Cynthia Chase, 503.331.0288, cynthia@homespdx.com

Playground/Grounds: Since PPS has only two year-round groundskeepers on staff to maintain 753 acres of school property; there is always something to be done on the school grounds! Join Irvington families Sunday mornings between 10:30 and noon to clean up and play. The School Ground Improvement Committee organizes Irvington families and neighbors for fall and spring school group maintenance and clean up. Contact: Miles Woofter 503.249.1530, miles@ygh.com and Nathan Corser, Nathan.Corser@ch2m.com and Steve Zich, 503.281.3849, steve.zich@gmail.com

Portland PTA Council Clothing Closet: Portland Public Schools provide a clothes closet @ Marshall High School for children in need of basic clothing. PTA Volunteers staff the closet – each school is requested to staff the closet two times per year. Irvington staffs generally in September + again in February. 3-5 volunteers needed per shift. Contact: Maggie Price, 503.928.9282, maggieericprice@msn.com

Reading is Fundamental (RIF): RIF is the nation's oldest and largest non-profit children's literacy program. RIF's mission is to ensure that every child believes in the value of books and the importance of reading. Three times a year, Irvington's RIF program allows each student to select a new, free book to help build his/her own home library. The Scholastic Book Sale held in November provides funding for our RIF program. Volunteers are needed to coordinate the ordering and distribution of books and to staff the three RIF distributions and the annual book sale. Contact: Margaret Morton, 282-7598, mmorton47@comcast.com

Scrip: Scrip is an on-going program that allows families to purchase gift cards or gift certificates for grocery stores, restaurants and other retailers. Our school receives a percentage of the sale (usually 4-10%). Contact: Lisa Meilinger, 503.493-2345, lwernick@juno.com

Scholarship Committee: Irvington PTA maintains a scholarship fund to defray the expense of fee-based extracurricular activities that take place at the school (band, language and dance classes etc.) Scholarships are available for students who qualify for free or reduced price lunches. Volunteers are needed to promote the availability of scholarships and process scholarship applications. (Volunteers do not receive or review any financial information from applicants.) Contact: Traci Laurent, 282-8344, traci.laurent@gmail.com

Scholastic Book Fair: This book sale in November provides funding for our RIF program. Volunteers are needed to staff the book fair. Contact: Caitlin Krause, 503.287.5973, caitlinkrause@yahoo.com

Site Council In: 1991, the State Legislature created the 21st Century Schools Council (also known as Site Councils) to ensure that various stakeholders were all involved in decisions relating to their school's continuous improvement efforts. The Irvington Site Council consists of 7 teachers, 1 staff person, 3 parents/guardians, 1 member of the community at large, and the principal. The Council is responsible for developing and implementing ongoing school improvement and staff development plans, and monitoring the progress made under the plans. Parent/Guardian representatives are elected positions. Site Council once/month, in the library, from 4-6:00pm. 1 parent representative opportunity available in June 09. This is a 2-year commitment. Contact: Dick Cherry, rcherry@pps.net

SMART (Start Making a Reader Today): SMART is an early literacy program, founded in 1991 and run by the Oregon Children's foundation. The SMART premise is that every child can learn to read, and the job of educating Oregon's children belongs to all of us. SMART works because it provides kids with the two things they need most to learn to read: adult attention and books. Each SMART volunteer reads with two children for a half-hour each, one hour a week during the school year. SMART also gives participating students two new books each month to take home, keep, and read with their families. Contact: Donna Hughey, 503.916.6185, dhughey@getsmartoregon.org

Photo Days: Assist the photographers + Irvington staff in getting our students photographed!

Tech Committee: Oversee the coordination of our school’s technology committee. Work with an already formed group of teachers, PTA parents + district staff. Organize meetings, set agenda + work as a group to prioritize tech enhancements. WANTED! Contact: Irma, 503.493.2219, imurauskas@earthlink.net

Volunteer Coordinator(s): Coordinate the database of parent volunteers. Contact volunteers as needed + work with committee coordinators to assist in volunteer recruitment. Contact: Angie Laws, 503.322.8777, angelala.zay@gmail.com

Website: In addition to the district's official website, Irvington volunteers created this website as a resource for our school community. Volunteers are needed to organize and add content and maintain the website. Contact: Steve Zich, 503.281.3849, steve.zich@gmail.com


Black History Month Celebration: Irvington celebrates Black History Month each February with an afternoon full of dance, song, readings, and great food! Volunteers are needed to plan and promote the festivities, arrange for entertainment, coordinate decorations, and prepare and serve the meal. Contact: Re’nee Boland, 503.257.1189, bolandheart@aol.com. WANTED: Help Re’nee plan the event!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service: During his lifetime, Dr. King sought to forge the common ground on which people from all walks of life could join together to address important community issues. On January 16, 2006, Americans across the country will celebrate the national holiday honoring the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by participating in service projects in their communities. This year, we hope that our school community will join them. Volunteers are needed to help identify and select suitable community service projects, promote and encourage participation and coordinate volunteer crews. Contact: Cynthia Macleod, cmacleod@pps.net

Spring Arts Night: This is a rollicking, free community event held in the spring that invites the entire school community to celebrate and create art. Past activities included found-object sculptures, dolls, painting, drawing, ceramics, music, dance and storytelling. Volunteers are needed to organize the event, lead and assist activities and help set-up and clean up.

Neighborhood Garage Sale: Irvington parents coordinate a neighborhood full of single and multi-family garage sales. Participants pay a fee and receive advertising and signage for their sale and are included on the map. Volunteers are needed to promote the sale, process registrations, solicit advertising, distribute signage and create the map. Contact: Margaret Morton, 503.282-7598, mmorton47@comcast.com or Ed Shearer, 503.793.2559, ed@sppproperties.com

PTA Officers: Three of four of this year’s PTA officers are serving their last term. We will need at least a PTA president, vice president, treasurer + member coordinator next school year. Elections are in June 2009. Contact: current PTA officers

School Directory: You know that great school directory you get every year? PTA parents put the directory together. Contact: Jay Hoover, jay.elaine@gmail.com

Spaghetti Dinner: A long-standing tradition at Irvington, Spaghetti Dinner is more than just good food the opportunity to relax and socialize with others in the school community clearly adds to its popularity! Volunteers are needed to organize and set-up the dinner. Contact: Miles Woofter, 503.249.1530, miles@ygh.com or Megan Barrett, 503.249.7549, barrettMegan@gmail.com

Teacher Appreciation: Many of us strive to find ways to show our appreciation for jobs well done throughout the year but sometimes even the best intentions get lost in the hustle and bustle of busy lives. As a community, we make a concerted effort to show our appreciation for the wonderful work of teachers during Teacher Appreciation week each May. Volunteers are needed to promote and coordinate the activities. Contact: Lisa Meilinger, 503.493.2345, lwernick@juno.com or Laura Baker503-233-2355, Lulu@easystreet.net

Turn off the TV Week: Irvington participates in the national Turn Off the TV week (April) to encourage children (and adults) to watch much less TV in order to promote healthier lives and communities. The kids enjoy the challenge of making it through a week without any screen time and a surprising number are successful! Volunteers are needed to promote the event, organize alternate activities and to provide recognition for participation.