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Portland, Oregon

Irvington School

School Grade Levels: K-8

1320 NE Brazee St. | Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-6185 | Fax: (503) 916-2639

About Us

Welcome to Irvington Elementary School, the very heart of a unique and historic Northeast Portland neighborhood. Irvington's student body reflects the economic and racial diversity of a thriving urban community. In 2007, Irvington earned a "strong" rating from the Oregon Department of Education's school "report card" system, proving once again that a diverse school can be a high-achieving school. Irvington's success is due to dedicated, experienced staff backed by committed parent volunteers. Its process-oriented teaching methods encourage children to be problem solvers and to embrace life-long learning. At Irvington, the differences among us are celebrated and respected. This two-pronged emphasis on academic achievement and open-mindedness prepares children to succeed both professionally and socially in tomorrow's world. To see details about Irvington's curriculum, demographics, test scores, and more, go to the Irvington Elementary School profile page on the Portland Public Schools website.

History and Mural


The original Irvington School was built in 1905 and named for Capt. William Irving. Capt. Irving owned a racetrack located where Irving Park is today. This school building was torn down in 1931. Construction began on the present building soon after demolition. Workers and artisans were employed during construction through funds of the Workers Progress Administration (W.P.A.). The building was dedicated in 1932.

Entry Mural

The three large murals in the main entry are paintings by Northwest artist Ed Quigley. The murals were painted in 1936 and depict an emigrant wagon train, a Umatilla Indian village and mounted party in ceremonial dress and an Oregon pioneer farmer plowing his fields. Quigley reportedly worked on the murals for four months and was paid $400. These murals are now worth over $120,000!