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Jump Start Day for 6th Graders: August 27

Dear Incoming Huskies: We will welcome all 6th graders for Jump Start Day on Thursday, August 27. Incoming sixth-graders will meet their teachers and experience a day at Hosford before upper-class students arrive. 7th and 8th graders will start on Friday, August 28. We look forward to seeing you!

Offices Closed - Summer 2015

Office closed July 25-August 10
Open for enrollment beginning August 17, 9 AM to 3 PM.

Welcome Principal Westphal! (Fall 2015)

Please join the Hosford Community in welcoming our new principal for the 2015-16 school year, Kristyn Westphal! You can read more about our new principal here. Superintendent Carole Smith and Cleveland Cluster Senior Director Larry Dashiell introduced Ms. Westphal to the staff at Hosford this morning, June 1. We extend a warm and deep thank you to Interim Principal John Hinds for his service to our school community this year.

June Artist of the Month

Introducing Rory S. - He's our Student Artist spotlight for June!

Rory is an 8th grader who enjoys being creative and "Likes ceramics because it's exciting to build things out of clay". Here he is holding his Gnome sculpture - Great job Rory!

Upcoming Events On The Hosford Calendar


22  Community Care day 9am-12pm

26  Jump Start leader training day 9am-2pm

27  Jump Start Day- 6th grade only

27  6TH gr. & New Student Family Night/Ice Cream   

        Social 6- 7:30pm

28  1st Day of School for 7th & 8th graders



10  TAG Parent Mtg 5:00pm – 5:30pm

10  ELL/SpEd Parent Mtg 5:30pm – 6:15pm

10  Back to School Night 6:20pm - 8pm

16  Late Opening - First Bell 11:10 No breakfast served.

16  Safety Day

23  Picture Day

23  PTSA General Mtg 7pm – 8:30pm- Welcome new principal

29  Mid-terms

30  Special Parent Conference (by invitation only)




  1  Monthly Burgerville fundraiser 5-8pm

  9  State In-service for Teachers-  No school for students

12-16 Respect Week

14  Late Opening - First Bell 11:10 No breakfast served

14  Anti-Bullying Day

21  Student/Teacher/Parent Conferences- no school

             9-12pm, 1-4pm, 5-8pm

22  Student/Teacher/Parent Conferences- no school

             9-12pm, 1-4pm, 5-8pm

23  No school

28  Hosford Student Council Elections

28  PTSA General Mtg & Math Night

29  School Dance 3:45pm - 5pm- CRR fundraiser

29   End of 1st quarter

30   Teacher Grading/Planning Day- No school for students

First Day of School for the 2015-16 year: Thursday, August 27

The first day of the 2015-16 school year is Thursday, Aug. 27 for students in first through 12th grade. For kindergarteners, the first day is Tuesday, Sept. 1. To read the PPS press release, click here for English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and Somali.

The PPS school year calendar is determined with direction from the school board. A calendar committee, composed of program administrators, principals,
teachers, staff and parents, recommends a calendar to the school board. The school board then discusses and votes on the calendar. The 2014-15 and the
2015-16 calendars were set in spring 2014.

School begins Thursday, Aug. 27 for 1st-12th grades because Labor Day falls late this year - Sept. 7 - too late to begin school after the holiday. The school board and the calendar committee prioritized more instructional days at the start – rather than at the end - of the year. The reason was to provide as much instruction before seniors take IB and AP exams (advanced coursework exams for college credit) and prior to annual spring testing for grades 3-8 and 11.

Other considerations included:
1. Two days added: The new contract agreement between PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers (the teachers’ union) added two more instructional days to the school year.
2. Kindergarten assessment: Three days are needed for kindergarten assessments before kindergartners start school. The committee wanted kindergartners to have a solid first week of school prior to the three-day Labor Day weekend. Taken together, these considerations meant starting school Thursday, Aug. 27
(1st-12th grades). Kindergarten assessments will be held Aug. 27, 28 and 31. Kindergartners start school Sept. 1.

View the 2015-16 calendar at www.pps.net, click on “Calendar.”
Questions can be directed to pubinfo@pps.net .

The Proficiency-Based Report Card

A “partial” proficiency-based grading scale that provides teachers with the ability to use proficiency language to communicate performance has been made available to PPS teachers.  Many teachers at Hosford are using proficiency marks this year and our plan is to be school-wide with this practice by Fall 2015. These new marks are described below and appear in Synergy as well as on your child’s report card.

In this “partial” proficiency-based grading system, students are not given letter grades for assignments or as a final mark on a report card.  Assignments and assessments are scored using a corresponding 4 point scale using EX = 4, PR = 3, DV = 2, and DN = 1.  The evidence from these assignment and assessment scores determines the final mark on a report card.

This grading system was developed using strategies meant to promote consistent, accurate, and meaningful communication about grades that support learning in an equitable manner.  A key limitation is that teachers will only issue one overall academic report card score as opposed to a score that reports content mastery for each standard.  Teachers, however, will continue to separate general academic performance and effort on the report card, using comments for effort.  An intentional multi-year plan has been in place to address and implement a “full” proficiency-based grading system next fall.

Thank you,

Pam Joyner, Principal

4pt. Proficiency Scale

















Descriptor: The descriptor will take the place of the A-F grades.

EX = Exceeds – Indicates that a student’s performance is above and beyond the standards aligned with the course.

PR = Proficient – Indicates that a student’s performance meets the standards aligned with the course.

DV = Developing – Indicates that a student’s performance is making progress towards proficiency on standards aligned with the course.

DN = Does Not Meet – Indicates that a student’s performance is not meeting standards aligned with the course.

HMS State Report Card 2013-14

Please click on the following link to review Hosford's 2013-14 state report card:

HMS 2013-14 State Report Card


 Click Here For The



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PPS News

Board takes action on Benson enrollment; compensation audit

July 29, 2015
The Portland Public Schools Board. The Portland Public Schools Board of Directors approved a resolution which directs Superintendent Carole Smith to develop a two-year phased in plan including the feasibility of lifting the enrollment cap at Benson Polytechnic High School and bring it back to the board by Jan. 1, 2016. The board unanimously approved the resolution, 7-0. 


New PPS Board members elect new leadership, return to committee structure

July 06, 2015
Tom Koehler was elected Chair and Amy Kohnstamm Vice Chair of the Portland School Board at the first meeting of the new board Monday, July 6, 2015. In addition to electing new leadership the school board approved and announced member assignments to new committees. 


Sylvester, Owens to leave PPS with major bond accomplishments to their credit

June 26, 2015

Superintendent Carole Smith today announced that C.J. Sylvester, Chief of School Modernization, and Jim Owens, Senior Director of the Office of School Modernization, are leaving Portland Public Schools.


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