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Nov. 26-27: No school in recognition of holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks to the more than 3,000 people who attended meetings on enrollment balancing. Slideshow.  Growing Great Schools.

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1st Quarter Principal's List and Honor Roll -- Recognition Assembly 11/25 at 9:24 am

Please join us as we recognize these students at next Wednesday's (11/25) assembly at 9:24 am. Hosford teachers use the comment "Commendable/Very Responsible" to indicate that a student puts forth consistently strong effort in a class. This comment is used to identify students for the Principal's List (if the student receives the comment in 6-7 classes), or Honor Roll (if the student receives the comment in 4-5 classes). Proficient/Highly Proficient marks are not used to qualify students for the Honor Roll/Principal's List, as students may be exerting their best effort/turning in all work, but not yet meeting proficiency (since students learn at different rates). If you have questions about your students' grade or comments in a particular class, please check in with that teacher. 

Congratulations to the following students:

Principal's List:

6th grade: Henry A., Jonah A., Gretta B., Luke B., Finn B., Stella B., Alena B., Madeline B., Hui Shan C., Elsa C., Grace C., Eleanor C., Anli D., Colby D., Jago D., Hannah D., Emma D., Piper H., Collin H., David H., Cody H., Ellie H., Victor H., Rachel K., Aria L., Sean L., Aria L.-V., Naomi L., Benjamin L., Kyra L., Heinrich M., Maralee M., Lincoln M., Richard M., Wah Ri M., Diego M., Ravit P., Beatrix P., Flannery R., Mia R., Tully S., Alice S., Kelsey S., Griffin S., Ian S., Sylvia S., Eric T., Frances V., Alexander W., Jackson W., Cyd W., Nora W., Samantha W., Keenan W., Zoe Y., Kiley Y.

7th grade: Sophie A., Kaelan A., Ashlyn B., Alison B., Livia C., Josiah C., Oskar C., Elowyn C., Samuel C., Jason C., Mattea F., Dana F., Piper G., Caleb G., Roman H.-N., Dylan H., Sylvie J., Katelynn J., Lily J., Tuesday J., Jin J., Ava K., Emma K., Jennifer K., Avery K., Victoria L., Luke L., Ruby L., Skyler L., Rosa M., Pel M.-B., Cole M., Noah M., Kaiden M., Joel M., Sarah-Joy N., Ellen O., Ella P., Lila P., Olivia R., Avril R., Ellie R., Ian S., Catherine S., Patrick S., Aidan T., Antonio T.D.S., Lena T., Angela T., Olivia W., Sarah W., Jane W., Aniya W., Vivian W., Matthew Y., Simon Z.

8th grade: Mei-Li A., Owen A., Celeste B., Ruby B., Zoe B., Anika B., Emily B., Zoe B., Stella B., Aidan B., Grace B., Dakota B., Amee C., Josephine C., Sutherland C., Rachel C., Alberta C., Jaime C., Pearl C., Jayden C., Della C., Arraya C., Gemma D., Kayla D., Ian E., Madeleine G., Sophia G., Holden G., Annalise G., Octavia-Seal G., Jada H., Mia H., Abigail H. C., Grace H., Hei Chri H., Genevieve H., Eva H., Isabelle J.-P., Lucy K., Contessa K.-K., Elizabeth L., Margaret L., April L., Calvin L., Kevin M., Madison M., Henry M., Isaiah M., Coleman N., Victoree N., Maeve O., Alexander P., Joseph R., Gabriela R., Harrison R. W., Hannah R., Alba R., Emerson R., Camilia S., Risa S., Christina S., Louis S., Stephanie S., Simone S., Cody S., Jacob S., Anna S., Steven S., Leah S., Madeline S., Kira S., Trina T., Lily V., Malaika W.

Honor Roll:

6th grade: Beatrice A., Zeke B., Lydia B., Ella B., Elias B., Niko C., Case C., Frank C., Riley C., Josephine C., Wolf C., Ceazar D., Payton D., Amiel E., Cole F., Liem F., Luna G.-V., Emma G., Simone G., Isabella G., Andreas H., Eamon H., Kamrin H., Johannah H., Terence H., Takara H., Thomas H., Benjamin J., Julia K., Auden K., Mia K., Vela L., Ada L., Xiyuan L., Joseph L., Sofia L., Sophie L., Finn L., Shanelle M., Aidan M., Raymond M., Naw Say M., Lirit M., Owen M., Harry M., Shea O., Audrey O., Edie P., Aidan P., Law Eh P., Matilda P., Sabitra P., Dyllon P.-V., Hugh R., Sylvie R., Maiti R.-B., Rowan R., David R., Penny R., Zoe R., Randy R., Abigail R., Ava S., Natalie S., Pearl S., Anika S., Quinn S., Gunnar S., Anthony S., Skeet S., Olivia S., Conor S., Ingrid S., Sydney T., Silas T., Calvin T., Julian U., Samuel W., Meagan W., George W., Maxim Z.

7th grade: Ikechukwu A., Liam A., Sydney B., Seth B., Audree B., Cathleen B., Annie C., Emma C., Jarod C.-O., Lily C., Holly D., Sylvia D., Kaci D., Mo Mo Eh, KiLee F., Sarah F., Andrew F.-S., Ethan F., August G., Briton G., Eva H.-N., Aidan H., Charles O., Justine I., Janice K., Ruby K., Lucas K., Rachael K., Talina K., Josephine K., Vincent L., Julian L., Liam L., Philip M., Mason M., Marion M., Amanda M., Ni N., Sylvia O., Lacy P., Louis P., Isaac P., Lana P., Yena P., Claire P., James R., Joy R., Ezra R., Matthew S., Colm S., Tashi S., Sadie S., Alysha S., Miradi T., Jaxon T., Raine W., Auden W., Jackson W., Aaron W., Jackson W., Teresa W., Cameron Y.

8th grade: Temma B., Jason C., Madisen C., Emily C., Josephine D.-L., RJ D., James D., Aleen G., Maiya H., Daschle J.-A., Victoria K., Miles L., Astri L., DeAndre M., Sophia M., Juliet M., Fransisco M.-C., Charles M., Kaytlin M., Colin N., August P., Tucker P., Finnian R.-B., Alicia S., Charles S., Lucille S., Cheyenne S., Bre T., Peter V., Mattias W., Lawrence W., Helena W., Shanti Y., Alexandra Z.

Holiday Help

Holiday Help

As we approach the holiday season, we want to let you know that if you are looking for help with bills or holiday help, the best place to start is by calling Portland’s 211 info and referral line. That number is (503) 222-5555. We are also happy to help with referral’s to the PPS clothes closet and are available to help assist in any other referrals needed.  Contact Sahjo Brown or Michael Cady Russell at 503-916-5640.

8th Grade Transition to High School

8th to 9th Grade Transition

Parents/guardians of 8th graders,

A few of you have asked about the general timeline for the 8th to 9th grade transition and forecasting.


November-December – Private schools start their process of placement tests and open houses. If you’re interested in private school information, please contact those schools directly as soon as possible. We are happy to help with recommendation forms and transcripts as needed.

November-February – PPS high schools open houses. Please see list below and note the early date for Benson high school.

January – Following winter break, Ms. Brown will visit all 8th grade social studies classes to survey students discuss options. She will follow up individually with all students who indicate they do not wish to go to their neighborhood high school, or have any questions. High school information for each student is kept in a spreadsheet for reference and parents are contacted as needed.

January- Benson and Jefferson high schools will present to the 8th grade about their schools

February – The high school lottery opens. Students applying to focus options will apply during this time with their families or Ms. Brown.

March/April – Cleveland high school will visit all 8th grade classes for forecasting

April/May – All other PPS high schools will forecast with students with assistance from Ms.Brown



Check out our amazing PPS high schools during these upcoming Open Houses for prospective students:
11/17- Benson
12/02- Grant
12/03 & 01/13- Jefferson
12/08- Madison- Welcome to your neighborhood launch pad
12/09- Franklin- Discover Franklin
02/04- Cleveland
02/11- Lincoln


More information will be coming throughout the winter regarding specific dates and more. Please don’t hesitate to contact the 8th grade counselor at sbrown3@pps.net

HMS State Report Card 2014-15

Please click on the following link to review Hosford's 2014-15 state report card:

HMS 2014-15 State Report Card

Proficiency Grading Information

Please click here for more information related to Proficiency Grading as related to report cards. Thank you!

Smarter Balanced Test Results

The Oregon Department of Education has released results from the Smarter Balanced Assessments that students in grades 3-8 and 11 took last spring, replacing the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills in math and English language arts.

Each student will receive his or her results in the mail in October.

Meanwhile to learn more about the results and what they mean, please visit the PPS Common Core/Smarter Balanced web page to find a Family Advisory "Smarter Balanced: Test results" in our supported languages: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/curriculum/7650.htm

To read an overview of the results statewide and for PPS: http://www.pps.k12.or.us/news/10963.htm

Upcoming Events On The Hosford Calendar


30  School Re-opens



3  Extended Advisory Schedule

3  Monthly Burgerville fundraiser 5-8pm

7-11 Syrian Refugee fundraiser

  9  Site Council mtg 4pm

10  1st Semester Drama Class Play- 6:00

14  Winter Concert @ Hosford, 6:30pm (all bands)

16  Late Opening - First Bell 11:10 No breakfast served.

16  Drama Club Field Trip 11:00-2:00

21-31 Winter Holiday break




  1  New Year- No school

  4  School Re-opens

  7  Monthly Burgerville fundraiser 5-8pm

13  Site Council mtg 4pm

13 ESL Night-  Cleveland High school

18  Martin Luther King Holiday- No school

20  Late Opening - First Bell 11:10 No breakfast served.

22  End of 2nd quarter

25  Teacher Grading/Planning Day- No school for students

27  PTSA General Mtg 7pm

29  2nd qtr. PBIS reward- no referral

29  2nd qtr. Perfect attendance reward


Welcome 2015-16 from Principal Westphal

Dear Hosford Students & Families:

Hope you are having a restful and exciting summer. Hard to believe that the new school year is just around the corner! I am humbled and excited to join the Hosford community as principal this year, and can’t wait to get to know you all in the year to come.

I started my career in education in New York City, where I taught Language Arts to middle school students in 7th and 8th grades. One of my classes was a special education inclusion class where I worked with a case manager to support students with special education needs, as well as other students who were currently working below grade level.

When I moved to Oregon, I taught Language Arts at all high school grades, including dual credit college classes to seniors, and freshman seminars for incoming 9th grade students. As an administrator, I’ve worked at Portland Evening Scholars (PPS’ credit recovery program) and at Grant High School in NE Portland. Because I’m deeply familiar with the demands and opportunities of high school, but also come from a middle school background, I’m especially excited to have the chance to return to middle school to help our Hosford students be well-equipped to succeed in high school and beyond.

This year, we’re focusing on a new motto derived from our school mission statement: “Courage * College * Community”.

Hosford students are at an important juncture in their lives: they’ve graduated from elementary school, and are learning to be young adults of character who live the values of their families and community under their own power. It’s our job both to help them continue this character journey, and to be ready to enter high school with the academic skills and motivation to thrive.

Courage = the inner strength required to stand up for what’s right, to set goals and stick with them, and to develop your own sense of self in spite of outside pressure. In the context of Hosford, this relates to all areas of our school. Courage means speaking up for a classmate when you hear someone say something mean, instead of being a bystander. It means living your family’s values consistently. It means taking academic risks, knowing that practice makes you smarter. It means developing the personal grit to persevere, even when it’s hard. “Courage” can be summarized in these phrases:

Be yourself. Stand up for each other. Live your values. Stick with it.

College = working to be ready for academic and career success after high school. This year, Hosford is pioneering the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program, which is designed to help all students develop the academic skills and habits they will need to be successful in high school and higher education. We know that there are many different paths our students may take after high school; what’s important is that every student enters high school equipped to be successful in a college-level track, so that they have the full array of options available to them upon graduation. Our “College” focus can be summarized like this:

Work hard. Get smarter through practice. Try new things.

Make each step build toward tomorrow.

Community = making each other central to our thinking. Hosford has the benefit of being a richly diverse community, with many racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds represented in our school. Community means that we make decisions based on the good of all, work to help each other succeed, consistently act in a way that honors our family and community values, and recognize that our own personal growth is a path toward giving back to the community that made us. This piece of our motto can be summarized like this:

Is it kind, is it right? Do your family proud. Rise up together. Give back.

Our “Courage * College * Community” motto will be focusing our work together this year, as we support each of our students to develop holistically into young people of purpose.

I can’t wait to meet you in late August. On a personal note, my husband Elvyss and I welcomed a new addition into our family July 16, our first child, Diego. I am taking some time away this summer to get to know him, but will be back with you for the start of school. Enjoy the rest of your summer, stay cool, and see you then!

Kristyn Westphal, Principal -- kwestphal@pps.net

Welcome Assistant Principal Rui Neves!

 Dear Hosford Family:

As you know from recent communication, Hosford’s Assistant Principal for the last two years, Vanessa Martinez, recently accepted the principalship of Beach K-8. Congratulations to Vanessa, and many thanks for her service to Hosford. We’re excited for her, and wish her all the best in her new role.

This note is to follow up with you on our next steps for the admin team, and to let you know that I am very pleased to be able to welcome Rui Neves as Hosford’s new Assistant Principal. Rui has been an educator for over twenty years, including roles spanning kindergarten through graduate school.

Rui was born in Pico, Azores, Portugal, and immigrated to the U.S. as a pre-teen. After earning his B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, his teaching credential at St. Mary’s College, and a masters in Education Leadership from Cal State Sacramento, he began teaching in Richmond Unified School District. He has taught kindergarten, second, fifth, and sixth grades, as well as high school Language Arts and Social Studies. As a native Portuguese speaker, as well as a speaker of Spanish, he values multilingualism, and has experience teaching students who are learning English.

Rui values relationships with students and families, and believes in fostering academic success for all students through data and a continuous focus on developing strong shared instructional practices. During his time in Oregon, he has served as an ESL and Social Studies teacher at Aloha High School, as a Teacher on Special Assignment for Beaverton School District, and as the Assistant Principal at Woodlawn School in PPS. He and his wife, Annie, and two daughters, Sofia, and Julia, enjoy travel, cooking, kayaking, reading, and soccer.

We’re very pleased to welcome him to Hosford, and he is looking forward to meeting you in the month to come.


Kristyn Westphal


We're an AVID School!



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PPS News

Language immersion students excel in reading

November 24, 2015
Fourth grade students in Chinese immersion at Woodstock School.

Students enrolled in PPS dual-language immersion programs – whether English speakers or English learners - significantly outpace their peers in reading, a big, new study released this fall found. 


Bond progress update, Fall 2015

November 24, 2015
A group of Roosevelt students receive an up close view of the construction process in early November.

The first new high school buildings in nearly 50 years are starting to rise out of the ground at both Roosevelt and Franklin high schools and master planning is progressing for Grant and about to launch for Benson, Lincoln and Madison high schools.


Get urgent news: Weather. Emergencies. Disasters.

November 24, 2015

Do you know how PPS responds to emergencies and winter weather - and how and when we communicate with you? Check out the PPS Get Urgent News page.

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