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End of Year Events

8th Grade Families: PTSA and Hosford have planned some events for the 8th graders and their families (read more here). Please return this permission slip to school as soon as possible. Thank you!

7th grade families: On 5/31 and 6/2, all 7th graders will go to OMSI for both days.  The permission form went home with students this week--please sign and return to your child's language art teacher by 5/23.
We are still looking for a few more parent volunteers to go on the field trip with us. If you would like to volunteer, please make sure your background check is current with PPS and contact school office to let them know what day(s) you will be able to join us. Thank you!

End of the Year Hosford Bands Concert!

Our young musicians are sounding great as the school year comes to a close. You are invited to come enjoy an evening of music featuring the Beginning, Concert, and Symphonic Bands on Wednesday, June 1st @ 6:30pm in the Auditorium.  Admission is free. We will have a bake sale and raffle as well as final student awards. Hope to see you there.

Hosford Middle School Mission


CRR 2016

Our 8th grade Mandarin Immersion students recently returned from a 2 week trip to Suzhou, China as part of their CRR (Chinese Research and Residency) experience. Check out the amazing video put together by one of our parent voluteers!

3rd Quarter Principal's List

Congratulations to our 3rd quarter Principal's List students! Remember, to earn the distinction of Principal's List you must have received 6-7 "commendable: very responsible" comments from your teachers. Please join us Friday, April 29th at 9:24 am as we honor these students at our Student Recognition Assembly!

6th Grade Principal's List:

Jack A., Laurin A., Henry A., Gretta B., Luke B., Lilah B., Charlotte B., Finn B., Lydia B., Ella B., Stella B., Niko C., Case C., Elsa C., Grace C., Riley C., Eleanor C., Payton C., Sitara C., Hannah D., Emma D., Amiel E., Luna G.-V., Jackson G., Simone G., Isabella G., Piper H., Collin H., David H., Ellie H., Thomas H., Victor H., Rachel K., Elijah K., Auden K., Mia K., Julia K., Aria L., Jeremiah L., Sean L., Benjamin L., Joseph L., Sophie L., Finn L., Kyra L., Raymond M., Naw Say M., Maralee M., Ellie M., Lincoln M., Owen M., Wah Ri M., Diego M., Heinrich M., Shea O., Audrey O., Ellery O., Aidan P., Beatrix P., Matilda P., Sabitra P., Dyllon P.-V., Elizabeth P., Sylvia R., Rowan R., Penny R., Flannery R., Zoe R., Sean R.-F., Aidan S., Tully S., Ava S., Alice S., Natalie S., Anika S., Kelsey S., Ian S., Olivia St., Daniel S., Sydney T., Silas T., Calvin T., Eric T., Stephen T., Frances V., Alexander W., Jackson W., Nora W., Keenan W., Aung W., Zoe Y., Kiley Y., Maxim Z.

7th Grade Principal's List:

Kaelan A., Liam A., Sydney B., Ashlyn B., Annie C., Elowyn C., Josiah C., Holly D., Mo Mo E., KiLee F., Dana F., August G., Caleb B., Roman H.-N., Dylan H., Charles H., Sylvie J., Tuesday J., Jin J., Emma K., Jennifer K., Avery K., Victoria L., Luke L., Ruby L., Skyler L., Rosa M., Cole M., Noah M., Joel M., Sarah-Joy N., Ellen O., Lacy P., Ella P., Olivia R., James R., Joy R., Ellie R., Alysha S., Catherine S., Karissa S., Patrick S., Antonio T.D.S., Lena T., Angela T., Olivia W., Aniya W., Cameron Y., Matthew Y., Simon Z.

8th Grade Principal's List:

Mei-Li A., Owen A., Celeste B., Ruby B., Anika B., Zoe B., Grace B., Josephine C., Rachel C., Alberta C., Jason C., Pearl C., Jayden C., Della C., Arraya C., Emily C., Gemma D., Ian E., Madeleine G., Sophia G., Holden G., Octavia-Seal G., Jada H., Mia H., Abigail H. C., Grace H., Hei Chri H., Genevieve H., Eva H., Isabelle J.-P., Lucy K., Contessa K. K., Elizabeth L., Margaret L., April L., Calvin L., Astri L., Kevin M., Madison M., Henry M., Isaiah ., Coleman N., Joseph R., Harrison R.W., Hannah R., Alba R., Emerson R., Camilia S., Risa S., Christina S., Louis S., Stephanie S., Simone S., Charles S., Jacob S., Anna S., Steven S., Lucille S., Madeline S., Kira S., Trina T., Lily V., Peter V., Malaika W.

3rd Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to our 3rd quarter Honor Roll students! Remember, to earn the distinction of honor roll you must have received 4-5 "commendable: very responsible" comments from your teachers. Please join us Friday, April 29th at 9:24 am as we honor these students at our Student Recognition Assembly!

6th Grade Honor Roll:

Beatrice A., Jonah A., Alexander B., Savannah B., Logan B., Alena B., Claire B., Orion B., Emma B., Elias B., Madeline B., Hi Shan C., Frank C., Josephine C., Wolf C., Anli D., Colby D., Jago D., Kamalei D., Nicholas D., Cole F., Beatrix F., Liem F., Flannery G., Hattie H., Andreas H., Liam H., Cody H., Joshua I., Tenzin J., Aria L.-V., Vela L., Celia L., Ada L., Naomi L., Xiyuan L., Sofia L., Jordan L., Kevin L., Shanelle M., Cregan M., Lirit M., Harry M., Hanna M., Naiobi N., Thomas O., Ravit P., Wilson P., Mateo P., Jordan P., Hugh R., Maiti R.-B., Frida R.-B., Mia R., Jacob S., Pearl S., Quinn S., John S., Griffin S., Gunnar S., Anthony S., Skeet S., Sylvia S., Conor S., Penelope S., Anna S., Ingrid S., Elijah U., Amy V., Samuel W., Meagan W., George W., Cyd W., Samantha W.

7th Grade Honor Roll:

Sophie A., Ikechukwu A., Seth B., Jordan B., Alison B., Audree B., Cathleen B., Simone B., Skye C., Emma C., Jarod C.-O., Samuel C., Lillian C., Rachel D., Kaci D., Riley D., Mattea F., Sarah F., Teagan F., Andrew F.-S., Aidan F., Piper G., Eva H.-N., Justine I., Aiden J., Jack J., June J., Graham J., Lily J., Ava K., Janice K., Gabriele K., Ruby K., Lucas K., Rachael K., Soktheany K., Vincent L., Trevon L., Julian L., Philip M., Pel M.-B., Karla M.-R., Kaiden M., Hsah M., Amanda M., Ni N., Sylvia O., Patrick O., Louis P., Lila P., Isaac P., Lana P., Yena P., Claire P., Ezra R., Ian S., Lucas S.-H., Colm S., Tashi S., Sadie S., Gabriel S., Miradi T., Sarah W., Jane W., Aaron W., Vivian W.

8th Grade Honor Roll:

Julika A., Zoe B., Dakota B., Amee C., Sutherland C., Tobias C., Josephine D.-L., RJ D., James D., Kayla D., Annalise G., Maiya H., De'Reanna H., Jonah M., DeAndre M., Sophia M., Maeve O., Tucker P., Von S., Cody S., Leah S., Cheyenne S., Bre T., Mattias W., Kaley W., Shanti Y.

Update Regarding Hosford Administration

For an update by Principal Westphal regarding Hosford's Administration, click here.

State of the School: 2016

 To read the State of the School address Ms. Westphal presented at the February 24 PTSA meeting, click here

Lida School Visit

Thank you to all students, staff and families who made the Lida School visit from Suzhou, China a great success! A special thanks to our own Ms. Amy for her hard work putting together the welcome assembly! (see below)

HMS State Report Card 2014-15

Please click on the following link to review Hosford's 2014-15 state report card:

HMS 2014-15 State Report Card

Proficiency Grading Information

Please click here for more information related to Proficiency Grading as related to report cards. Thank you!

Upcoming Events On The Hosford Calendar

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Welcome 2015-16 from Principal Westphal

Dear Hosford Students & Families:

Hope you are having a restful and exciting summer. Hard to believe that the new school year is just around the corner! I am humbled and excited to join the Hosford community as principal this year, and can’t wait to get to know you all in the year to come.

I started my career in education in New York City, where I taught Language Arts to middle school students in 7th and 8th grades. One of my classes was a special education inclusion class where I worked with a case manager to support students with special education needs, as well as other students who were currently working below grade level.

When I moved to Oregon, I taught Language Arts at all high school grades, including dual credit college classes to seniors, and freshman seminars for incoming 9th grade students. As an administrator, I’ve worked at Portland Evening Scholars (PPS’ credit recovery program) and at Grant High School in NE Portland. Because I’m deeply familiar with the demands and opportunities of high school, but also come from a middle school background, I’m especially excited to have the chance to return to middle school to help our Hosford students be well-equipped to succeed in high school and beyond.

This year, we’re focusing on a new motto derived from our school mission statement: “Courage * College * Community”.

Hosford students are at an important juncture in their lives: they’ve graduated from elementary school, and are learning to be young adults of character who live the values of their families and community under their own power. It’s our job both to help them continue this character journey, and to be ready to enter high school with the academic skills and motivation to thrive.

Courage = the inner strength required to stand up for what’s right, to set goals and stick with them, and to develop your own sense of self in spite of outside pressure. In the context of Hosford, this relates to all areas of our school. Courage means speaking up for a classmate when you hear someone say something mean, instead of being a bystander. It means living your family’s values consistently. It means taking academic risks, knowing that practice makes you smarter. It means developing the personal grit to persevere, even when it’s hard. “Courage” can be summarized in these phrases:

Be yourself. Stand up for each other. Live your values. Stick with it.

College = working to be ready for academic and career success after high school. This year, Hosford is pioneering the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program, which is designed to help all students develop the academic skills and habits they will need to be successful in high school and higher education. We know that there are many different paths our students may take after high school; what’s important is that every student enters high school equipped to be successful in a college-level track, so that they have the full array of options available to them upon graduation. Our “College” focus can be summarized like this:

Work hard. Get smarter through practice. Try new things.

Make each step build toward tomorrow.

Community = making each other central to our thinking. Hosford has the benefit of being a richly diverse community, with many racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds represented in our school. Community means that we make decisions based on the good of all, work to help each other succeed, consistently act in a way that honors our family and community values, and recognize that our own personal growth is a path toward giving back to the community that made us. This piece of our motto can be summarized like this:

Is it kind, is it right? Do your family proud. Rise up together. Give back.

Our “Courage * College * Community” motto will be focusing our work together this year, as we support each of our students to develop holistically into young people of purpose.

I can’t wait to meet you in late August. On a personal note, my husband Elvyss and I welcomed a new addition into our family July 16, our first child, Diego. I am taking some time away this summer to get to know him, but will be back with you for the start of school. Enjoy the rest of your summer, stay cool, and see you then!

Kristyn Westphal, Principal -- kwestphal@pps.net

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PPS News

Advisory committee forwards to superintendent recommendations for district-wide structural changes

January 29, 2016

The District-Wide Boundary Review Committee sent to the superintendent on Jan. 28 the first blueprint for structural change district-wide in many years, on the principle that balancing growing enrollment among all schools will support strong schools in every neighborhood, investing in the continued vitality of the city.


PPS grad rate up 21 points in seven years

January 28, 2016
Portland Public Schools graduation rate rose four percentage points last year to 74 percent, a 21 percentage point increase over seven years.  The PPS five-year graduation rate also improved two percentage points to 75 percent, up from 73 percent.

Board approves 2016-2017 calendar

January 26, 2016
The Portland Public Schools board voted 6-1 tonight, January 26, to start school August 29, 2016 and end June 9, 2017.


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