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Portland Public Schools 2025 - Take the survey!

April 1-May 8: Enrollment at PPS is expected to grow by thousands in the next decade. Take the 17-question PPS2025 survey to help shape change as we grow: in all supported languages online at Oregon's Kitchen Table or go the PPS2025 webpage to download a PDF and view frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Electives & Locker Forecasting 2015-16

Forecasting for next year's elective preferences and locker partners for students currently in grades 6 & 7 starts on April 13. The elective offerings are the same as this year, with the addition of Technology 2, an advanced class for kids who think computers are cool. World languages are also available to students in grades 7 & 8. Students will get individualized forecasting sheets.

RGMS Course Information for Grade 7 & 8, 2015-16

Forecasting Sheet for Next Year's 7th Graders

Forecasting Sheet for Next Year's 8th Graders

Spring Musical

Opening Night: Friday, May 1 @ 7pm

Remaining Performances:

Saturday, May 2 @ 7pm

Sunday, May 3 @ 2pm

Friday, May 8 @ 7pm

Saturday, May 9 @ 2pm

Tickets $10 - Adults, $5 - Students

Tickets available by email reservation or at the door.

For more information contact Artistic Director: Jules Moorhouse (julesmoor@aol.com)

School Choice

The petition process will be the only way to request transfer for all grade levels of neighborhood schools to RGMS now. Petition forms will be available at schools and here. Students already enrolled on transfer do not need to fill out a petition to stay at the same school. There is no deadline for petition applications, but we will encourage families to apply as soon as possible to help our staffing and forecasting process.

Contact the PPS Enrollment and Transfer Office at 503-916-3205 for more information.

Our RGMS Course Information flyer for 2015-16 has specific information about core and elective classes:

Grade 6

Grades 7 & 8

Tours & Transition Events Flyer 

Transition & Tours

---School Daytime Tours—

   Sorry, shadow days are not allowed by PPS. A tour can be arranged by contacting secretary Peggy Bruce, pbruce@pps.net.

---Bridlemile Students: For Bridlemile students planning to attend RGMS, please petition ASAP.

---RGMS Musicians Perform at Feeder Schools---

   Wednesday, April 29, during the school day

---Forecasting Electives & Locker Partners ---

   Forms distributed Monday, May 4; due Friday, May 15 or soon thereafter

---Feeder School Students Visit RGMS---

   Wednesday, June 3, 10-11:00 AM

---Fall Registration at RGMS---

   Wednesday, August 19, 12-7:00 PM

   Thursday, August 20, 9 AM-Noon

---School Begins---

   Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yearbook Orders

 Students will want the RGMS yearbook! If you haven't ordered on yet, the form can be downloaded here. Please turn it in with payment to the main office. Thanks!

Math and TAG


All incoming 6th graders will be placed in Math 6. Grouping is homogenous, with all levels of students together. TAG students can be placed in Math 7 Compacted or Math 8 Compacted pending the results of the Single Subject Acceleration process. This is done at the student's 5th grade school in May, or at RGMS in September.

MATH 7 & 8

There are two levels of Math 7 and 8, with the lower level called Common Core and the accelerated level called Compacted. Completion of Math 7 Compacted plus Math 8 Compacted results in one credit of high school math and includes Algebra. RGMS will determine in grade 6 which students will be in which level of math, and they will continue in that track unless they are not successful in Compacted, in which case, they will be moved to Common Core. Students wishing to accelerate outside these levels will need to do the Single Subject Acceleration process.


Single Subject Acceleration for math requires a student to be TAG identified and to take PPS math tests and score at a certain level. September and May are the months to apply for this process. Please contact the PPS TAG Department for details:

Phone: 503-916-3358

Program Director, Andrew Johnson wjohnson1@pps.net

Heads in the Cloud 2015

 The 2014 Heads in the Cloud campaign lives on! We are purchasing another cart of Chromebooks with donated funds and are pleased to announce that Anthro Corporation, located in Tualatin, has donated two more charging carts, saving us a whopping $5000! This adds to the three carts we have already received. Thank you, Anthro, for this support.

Fred Meyer Rewards for Music

Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the RGMS Music Department at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards. Search for us by name or our non-profit number 89230. Then, every time you use your card, RGMS music earns a donation. It doesn't affect your other Fred Meyer Rewards Card benefits and we make money!

Parent Volunteer Survey

Please fill out this Survey Monkey to tell our wonderful PTA volunteer coordinator, Claire Cowan, your interests.


How to Get Help

Whom to Call: See this chart to know how to get help directly.

ACADEMICS: There are many ways to help your child keep up with school and homework.

  • Week at a Glance: Many teachers post their weekly or monthly calendars on the RGMS website.
  • ParentVue & Student Vue: Students' grades are posted on Synergy and can be seen by using ParentVue and StudentVue. Please keep in mind that when using an online grading system, it may take a while for you to see the grades.
  • Daily Planner: Each student has a daily planner which has calendar spaces for all assignments. In addition, the Bookmark pages are used to track daily reading at home.
  • Binder or Accordion File: Helping students sort and organize their binders or accordion file is invaluable. Please help them recycle papers not needed, locate homework, and organize work to be turned in (then check that it did get turned in.)
  • Locker: Feel free to check in at the main office and then go to your child's locker with him or her to look for missing work. If a locker change is needed, contact Mrs. Madison, principal. Changing locker location or partner can help.
  • Texting & Timers: Teach your student to set the timer on their phone to remind them to show up for things like test retakes at lunch. Texting them with reminders can help, too.
  • Online Textbooks: The science textbooks are online and easy to use at home. See the teachers' webpages for information.
  • Contact the Teacher: Emails addresses are located on the RGMS website. Phone contact is through the main office, 503-916-5676. Going directly to the source is often the best route.

SOCIAL/EMOTIONAL: We are here to help young people grow!

  • Talk to Your Child: Make time each day to talk to your child about things going well and problems they may experience.
  • Learn about Young Adolescence: This fascinating and perplexing stage of life has been researched and there are many excellent publications out there that can help you understand and accept your child's struggles.
  • Interact with Peers: Keeping your child busy can help them make friends and mature well. RGMS has an excellent SUN Community School with numerous extended-day activities.
  • Exercise: Vigorous physical activity and time spent outside are super helpful for teens.
  • Get Counseling: Our school guidance counselor, Ms. Hyde, and our assistant principal, Mr. Jeans, are excellent sources for seeking help at school.



All dates and times subject to change.

RGMS Calendar in Excel

RGMS Google Calendar

PPS Calendar 2014-15

PPS Calendar 2015-16  School Starts August 27

Hillsdale Solar Coalition

Solar Expo May 3rd!   

The Hillsdale Solar Coalition and its partners:

  • Negotiate volume discounts for community solar installations
  • Redirect volume discounts to local schools
  • Coordinate key stakeholders and organizations to ensure sound energy and community investments


RGMS PTA now has a page on this site. Check it out!


RGMS welcomes volunteers! Please be sure to fill out and submit the Criminal History Background form before volunteering in any capacity, including field trips. The form can be filled out at THIS LINK.

Lunch Money & Menu

Depost online at mylunchmoney.com.

Send cash or check to the RGMS kitchen before meal time.

Complete the application for free/reduced lunch.

Download the RGMS lunch menu.

PPS News

PPS hits a high note with new instruments

April 24, 2015

This fall, band teachers will put 750 new musical instruments into the hands of budding musicians, thanks to a $925,000 investment PPS is making in the district band program, eroded over years of budget cuts. 


Gifted students shine as TAG revs up

April 24, 2015
Agustin Montes-Tacuba says he loves being challenged at ACCESS.

ACCESS Academy’s Agustin Montes-Tacuba is so gifted, the fifth-grader just received a statewide award for his academics and leadership, yet five years ago, it seemed like his intellect might go unnoticed. 


Focus on Diversity: three films in May

April 23, 2015

The PPS Focus on Diversity Film & Lecture Series will be screening three great films to wrap up the school year.


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