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Christian Dreyer


Complete information about my courses can be found at  www.dreyerspace.org. Students also have access to my linked quick-access blog <www.dreyerdaily.blogspot.com>  which is useful for a rapid mobile homework search.

This site has dedicated pages for Seniors in the Literature and Film course, and is regularly updated throughout the year. The site will also have links to my educational video channels when student film projects are completed.

The site hosts, in addition, resources for Seniors in the PSU English Accelerated dual credit course for the first month of the school year. As soon as these students are enrolled with PSU, they have access to a PSU curriculum site at www.D2L.pdx.edu, which they can access through their registered account and pin. 

I view my email account at < cdreyer@pps.net > regularly - when possible, various times through the day -  and am always happy to respond to student and parent communications.

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Teaching Schedule for 2015-16
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