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Stephanie D'Cruz

Periods 2,3,4 - Siskiyou Community Writer's Workshop

Periods 6,7,8 - Siskiyou Community English


Course Syllabus

Sustained Silent Reading Information


Current Homework

 Bring your reading book every day for English!

Your on-going homework is to read at least 25 minutes per night in your SSR book. Make sure you are reading at least 100 pgs. per week and tracking your reading.

Here are some useful videos for MLA Format:

Here is how to format using Google Docs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9-uwJpU61Q&feature=player_embedded

How to format using Microsoft Word: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Qf8AfiCcD4&feature=player_embedded

Week of March 17-21

For Tues. March 17 - Research notes due. You can have these checked before this date as well.

For Thurs. March 20 - At least three vignettes for media essay due. These could be personal anecdotes or scholarly analysis.  

Here is the Media Essay Assignment (Writer's Workshop)

Week of March 31 - April 4

For Thurs. April 3 - Full, revised draft of "Media Essay" due! Must be typed and in MLA format with a Works Cited page and in-text citations. There will be "on time" points for this assignment!

For Fri April 4 - Quiz on cinematic elements (English)

Week of April 7-April 10

For Tues. April 8 - Final Draft of Media Essay Due!!


Week of April 14-18

For Monday, April 14 - Presentation for Film Unit Final Project start this week. You must present on the day that you signed up for.    Essays are due on the day that you present.   Here are instructions for the presentation   Here are instructions for the essay

For Thursday, April 16 - Have drafts of poems ready - "Portrait," "Unfinished Business," "Dance Mama Dance," and "Letter to Myself"



Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule for 2013-14
Monday Morning/Tuesday/Thursday - Blue Schedule
Period 1 2 3 4
Class Prep Writer's Workshop Writer's Workshop Writer's Workshop

Monday Afternoon/Wednesday/Friday - Gray Schedule
Period 5 6 7 8
Class English 1-2 Prep English 1-2 English 1-2