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Stephanie D'Cruz

Periods 1,3,4 - T Community English

Periods 5, 7, 8 - T Community Writer's Workshop


Course Syllabus

Sustained Silent Reading Information


Current Homework

 Bring your reading book every day for English!

Your on-going homework is to read an average of 30 minutes per night in your SSR book. Make sure you update goodreads at least once a week.       

Week of Sept. 29- Oct. 3

For Wed. Oct 1 - Rough draft of Childhood Memory Narrative is due! Here is the assignment

For Fri. Oct 3 - Bring rough draft and completed self-assessment to class (Writer's Workshop)

Week of Oct. 6-10

For Wed. Oct. 8 - Revised draft of Childhood Memory Narrative is due! (Writer's Workshop)

For Thurs. Oct 9 - Draft of Micro-Essay Due (English) Here is the assignment

Tips on Writing Literary Analysis Powerpoint

Week of Oct. 13 - 17

For Tues. Oct 14 - Bring draft of BOTH your essay and your narrative to English for conventions editing!! (This is an assignment, so do not come empty handed to class)

For Wed. Oct. 15 - FINAL DRAFT of Childhood Memory Narrative is due!! (Writer's Workshop)

For Thurs. Oct 16 - FINAL DRAFT of Micro Literary Analysis Essay Due (English)

Week of Oct. 27 - 31

For Tues. Oct 28 - Bring materials so your group can work on Hero Journey Posters 

Week of Nov. 3-Nov. 7

For Thurs. Nov. 6 - Hero Journey Poster Due! Presentations start. Here is the assignment

For Fri. Nov 7 - Rough Draft of Pet Peeve Essay Due Here is the assignment

Week of Nov. 10-14

For Thurs. Nov. 13 - SSR Quarterly Book Project is Due Here is the assignment   Here is the rubric

Week of Nov. 24 - 26

For Tues. Nov. 25 - Read to pg. 58 in Catcher OR pg. 53 in Part-Time Indian. Expect a quiz!

For Wed. Nov. 26 - Rough Draft of "I love" essay due. Here are the guidelines

Week of Dec. 1- 5

For Tues. Dec. 2 - Read to pg. 104 in Catcher OR pg. 117 in Part-Time Indian 

First Dialogue Journals Due!  Here is the assignment

Week of Dec. 8-12

For Tues. Dec 9 - Finish book! Second Dialogue Journals Due

Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule for 2013-14
Monday Morning/Tuesday/Thursday - Blue Schedule
Period 1 2 3 4
Class Prep Writer's Workshop Writer's Workshop Writer's Workshop

Monday Afternoon/Wednesday/Friday - Gray Schedule
Period 5 6 7 8
Class English 1-2 Prep English 1-2 English 1-2