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PSU Tuition Assistance:
Tuition assistance for PSU courses taken at Grant HS is available for students who are eligible and enrolled in the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Assistance is possible both through the PSU Challenge Program and from Grant High School. Eligible students should apply for financial assistance using the form provided by PSU. Students eligible for reduced price lunch will receive a 50% reduction in the cost of one term of credit in one PSU class from PSU Challenge. Grant High School will also pay 50% of a second term of credit for eligible students. Additional classes and/or terms will have to be paid in full by the student and/or their family.

For example, a student taking PSU World Civilizations, a 3 term course, who applies for financial assistance will pay $105 for the first term, $105 for the second term and $210 for the third. If he/she is also taking PSU Statistics (or other PSU course) he/she will have to pay the full cost for each term.

Students eligible for free lunch through the FFRLP will be given additional consideration on a case by case basis by the Grant High School administration. Those students should complete the form with their registration and make an appointment to meet with the vice principal to discuss their individual circumstances.

The cost for 4 PSU credits at PSU is, $666, so a significant cost reduction has already been made for Grant students.