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What is the Foundation?
The Grant High School Foundation is a parent-led organization committed to academic excellence at Grant. The Foundation raises money for teacher staffing above the level allocated by the school district. Like most other area school foundations, the Foundation operates under the umbrella of the Portland Schools Foundation.

How Does the Foundation Raise Money?
The primary way that the Grant High School Foundation raises money is through direct donations. We count on the support of parents and community members who give what they can. Every donation — whether it be a few dollars or thousands of dollars — helps our students.

How is the Foundation Different from the Booster Club and PTA?
The Foundation, the Booster Club, and the PTA all raise money for Grant, and they all work to make Grant an outstanding school. However, the Foundation is the only parent organization that can contribute toward school staffing.

How Can I Contribute?
To make a donation of any amount, or a monthly donation of $10 or more:

  • Complete the Donation Form (pdf) and send it with your donation to the address shown.
  • Donate on-line. Go to the Portland Schools Foundation website and click on the “Donate” link. Please be sure to select Grant High School in the “Donate to” box.
  • Also ask your employer about its Matching Gift Program. Many companies will match an employee’s donation to the Foundation, dollar for dollar.

How Can I Get More Involved?
Come to any of our Foundation meetings! They are the second Tuesday of each school month at 7 pm in Room 130 — and are open to all. We are always looking for new fundraising ideas and would love to have your input or helping hands.