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Social Studies

2015-16 School Year
Administrators | Counselors | Support Staff

Name Position Email Phone
Anderson, Dan Social Studies danderso@pps.net 75733
Gavitte, Donald Social Studies dgavitte@pps.net 75635
Lewis, Shardon Social Studies slewis@pps.net 75771/610
Lickey, David Social Studies dlickey@pps.net 75769
Peterson, Russ Social Studies rpeterso@pps.net 75712
Reinholt, Jeremy Social Studies jreinhol@pps.net 75722
Repollet, Marta Social Studies repollet@pps.net 75737
Ross, Carmel Social Studies cross1@pps.net 75765
Williams, Michael Social Studies mlwilliams@pps.net 75720

Social Studies Course Guide

This video explains a high school Psychology course.
Living in the U.S.
Check out our class video for more info!
AP US Government and Politics
This class will teach you how the United States government works the way it does, how we got where we are, and you'll get college credit. It's awesome. Sign up.