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Welcome to Grant High School's
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Grants Student Garden

Grant Student Garden

Brick Street - Retired Founder Community Garden
Please give a big shout out to Richard "Brick" Street for helping establish Grant High School's Community Garden. Brick, retired in 2014 from PPS, still occasionally drops in to help out. His efforts led to new trees and native plants around Grant's campus. All the native plants around the Science Building was established (in 2002+) by the Science Teachers. He knew that school community would benefit from having nature and school be close together. Brick was in a unique position because he taught Ecology and Life Skills. Ecology students are now able to have a hands on learning enviroment at Grant's front door. Thanks Brick for you and your teams hard work!

Thanks to Grant's Science Teachers and Students too! Keep up the great work!

During the Summer school sorta shuts down. Grant HS doesn't have a follow up program to maintain the garden off season. If you are interested in volunteering to maintain the Student Garden area please contact us!

Grant Community Garden

Welcome to the Grant Community Garden
Portland Parks & Recreation 503-823-1612

To establish two sustainable gardens that support sustainable living and offers communal garden space for Grant High School students, neighborhood residents and the community at large.

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