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Click this link to access Psychology due dates for reading and exams. Once you are into that page you can click on the individual chapters to open study guides for each chapter.

90% of the student's grade will be based on unit exams.
10% of the student's grade will be based on reading quizzes.

The lowest exam score will be removed from consideration for the semester grade. This allows students to have an off week and still do well.

Students may opt to complete a semester project. Completing the semester project will be graded in place of the three lowest exam scores. Students must start the Semester Project before October 1 and March 1. See Mr. Williams for details about the project.

Modern World History

For details about Modern World History please access the blog. (LINKED HERE)

On the blog Mr. Williams will provide details about the activities that are completed in class and have links to resources that were used.

Students must show mastery of the fourteen learning targets listed on this document before earning a full credit in Modern World History. An explanation of how the learning targets will be scored and when students will be able to show their mastery can be found on this blog post

Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule for 2015-16
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