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Michael Williams

Position: Social Studies
Email: mlwilliams@pps.net
Phone: 75 720

    • Modern World History Blog & Psychology


      • What you'll find on the blog?
          • explainations of what we are doing in class
            • updated after each class
          • links to handouts, assignments and notes
          • some examples of student work
      • When you should I visit the blog?
          • every day we have class
            • to make sure you didn't miss anything
          • when you are absent
            • to get your work  or to get a sense of what was missed
      • Who should visit the blog?
          • parents
            • so you can talk to students about class
          • students
            • so you can be certain you didn't miss anything
          • anyone else who cares about the student
            • so you can talk about what they are doing in class
            • so you can see some of the student work.


Teaching Schedule

Teaching Schedule for 2014-15
Monday Morning/Tuesday/Thursday - Blue Schedule
Period 1 2 3 4
Class Prep MWH MWH MWH
Monday Afternoon/Wednesday/Friday - Gray Schedule
Period 5 6 7 8
Class Prep Psych/Psych Psych/Psych Psych/Psych