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Robert Herrera (R.I.T: 9/20/2005 - 2/19/2014)

Sadly, after 8 years (2 of them leap years), 4 months and 29 days of service, Robert Herrera will no longer be Grant High School's "computer guy," but he will continue to speak of himself in the third person.  Though a typical geek in most respects, since he has a personality and is approachable by staff and overtly sociable, he will miss the staff of Grant High School very much.

In his role at Grant, he focused primarily on troubleshooting hardware and software issues, writing scripts and the rare need for programming, but also enjoyed:

  • Playful banter:  Even if it was at his expense, self-deprecating or otherwise; he felt this jovial commentary would help lighten even the most dire of situations.
  • Socializing with the staff:  He enjoyed the weekly social gatherings with fellow staff.
  • Helping whenever he could:  The stark contrast of teachers' needs being met and the help being appreciated compared to the demands of corporate big-wigs and outrageous expectations of his former IBM employment, was rewarding and a major ego stroke.
  • "Hiding" "easter eggs":  Though he added these to staff technology update emails, (starting from years ago), he would also insert them as subtle puns or obscure references to other aspects of his job.  Almost no one (presumably) would notice these gems, much like updating this page before leaving.
In his lifetime, he has also:
  • Quit other jobs, but never felt so torn about choosing to leave.
  • Worked with so many highly dedicated co-workers (he feels it has been his privilege to have worked with the Grant staff).
Unlisted are countless other emotions too strong to mention without getting...  ...nothing, never mind...  ...everything is fine here, there is nothing to see.

Unfortunately, if you require technical support, you must call or email Grant IT at the following contacts:
- phone: 503-916-5160 ext: 75 640
- email GrantIT@pps.net