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TAG (Talented and Gifted Education)

Welcome to Grant High School's Talented And Gifted webpage!

Grant High School strives to meet the needs of all our students. TAG identified students and their parents are encouraged to work with our staff to seek out opportunities and challenges both in the classroom and in extracurricular activities to meet their individual needs.  Teachers are trained to differentiate instruction and to find ways to motivate and engage TAG students to learn and grow at the level and pace that suits their interests and abilities in a given subject.  All students have different needs and TAG students are no exception.  Any time a student or parent feels that their child is not being challenged in a course they are encouraged to communicate with their instructors to find ways to meet their needs.  Our counseling department is an excellent resource as well for students and families to support those conversations with teachers, but also to help seek out resources that may not be obvious to a student who is looking for a challenge or an outlet for their talents.

This site will provide:
If you have questions contact Grant's vice principal and TAG coordinator, Kristyn Westphal

Parents, please take some time to read the TAGAC Flyer 2013 (pdf) if you are interested in joining the TAG Advisory Council. Our first meeting is September 17, 2013

TAG - District Website

Visit the district's TAG website here:http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/tag/index.htm.

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