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Glencoe School Foundation

Glencoe School Foundation is affiliated with Portland Public Schools Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization. The purpose of the Foundation is to work with the community to address the needs of all our learners and to enhance (not replace) public funding of schools. At the district level, the Portland Schools Foundation provides grants to promote innovation, excellence, and equity in education. They also support local school fund-raising. The Glencoe School Foundation plays a vital role in supporting all of our learners at our school. Our Foundation raises funds to pay for our reading specialist, our on-site  IT Support, and a portion of a full-time teacher.

For more information, visit All Hands Raised at: https://allhandsraised.org/donate/

Fundraising Events for the 2015-16 school year include:

 *Annual Auction
            This is our biggest fundraiser! At last year's auction (2014-15) we made over $80,000. This year our auction will be on April 1st; our goal is $80,000. Visit our auction site: http:/www.glencoeauction.org/

 *Scholastic Book Fair 
            October 21-22 during teacher/parent conferences.

            Shop at Amazon.com! Just use OUR link located on our Glencoe Elementary Home Page. We will receive 7% of your total purchase every time you shop! This last year of 2014-15, we raised more than $2,000.00.
Monthly Contributions (100% tax deductible). Please visit www.allhandsraised.schoolauction.net/give/give  

Glencoe Foundation Officers:
Staci Rosman - President  msstacisngr@yahoo.com
Jaime Fantauzzi - Treasurer  jfantauzzisoto@yahoo.com