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Clara Cook

Business Technology ccook@pps.net

Digital Media

Period 2 & 7



April 14 - April 25


Blow Up (Yourself)

Follow the directions linked to the title or the hand out from class and blow up your full body picture.  Make sure your picture fills up a 11 X 17 canvas (as in directions). 

Filter Project

Adding filters- Click and watch the tutorials below about filters.

Filtering Tutorial


After viewing the tutorials, create a collage 11X17  in size (use the directions from blowing yourself up to create the canvas).  You should have your original picture of choice (labeled original) along with the same picture filtered 4 different ways.  Each filter should be labeled with the filter name.  All work should be done in Photo Shop.  See examples on front cart to clarify.


Introduction to Business and Practical Law

Periods 3 & 4


March 31 - April 10

Chapter 15 Terms (we are skipping chapter 14) - before spring break.

Chapter 15 Notes and case studies

April 9 and 10

Measure 11 Questions

Chapter 16 Notes and book study

Computer Applications 1 

Periods 5 & 8


March 31 - April 10

Microsoft PowerPoint

Lesson 2 -

  • Lesson 3 -

Lesson 4