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Tim Biamont



Business Technology & Economics Instructor - Franklin High School

Athletic Facility Director - Marshall Campus

Contact Info:


503-916-5140 ext. 73602


2013-2014 Schedule

Periods 1, 4, 6, 8 - Economics

Period 3 - Automated Accounting & Spreadsheets and Marketing Lab

Periods 5- Introduction to Business and Marketing


Just the facts . . .

Started Teaching:  1992

Started at Franklin:  2011

Bachelor's Degree:  Western Oregon University - Business Administration

Master's Degree:  Portland State University - Education




Economics - Syllabus 

Semester Project

1st Semester Project Due Date:  January 10th

2nd Semester Project Due Date:  May 19th

Project Criteria Sheet 

Useful Websites and File Links for Semester Project:

Stock Quotes (NASDAQ.COM)

Investment Research and Analytics 

Stock Charts

Stock Symbol List

Sample High School Student Resume (Microsoft Word File)

Introduction to Business and Marketing


Introduction to Business and Marketing - Syllabus

Semester Projects

1st Semester Final Project Due Date:  TBA

1st Semester Project Criteria Sheet

2nd Semester MNC Project Due Date:  TBA

MNC (Company Study) Project Criteria Sheet

2nd Semester Country Study Project Due Date:  TBA

Country Study Project Criteria Sheet

3/5/13 Assignment:

View: India Rising Video

Follow/Complete the India Rising Guide Sheet while viewing the video clip.

Automated Accounting & Spreadsheets

Introduction to Business and Practical Law


I will not be teaching this course during the 2013-2014 school year

Intro to Business and Practical Law - Syllabus

Useful Websites: 

General Law

Oregon Law 

United States Law

FHS Career Pathway & Dual Credit Information