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PPS Nondiscrimination Statement in English Spanish Vietnamese Somali Russian Chinese

Franklin's successes were called out in Superintendent Smith's commentary in The Oregonian on Sunday June 19th.  Read the full text here

WAY TO GO FRANKLIN!  The Oregon Department of Education released its annual report today on schools meeting "Annual Yearly Progress" and Franklin met all targets for the second year in a row.  Franklin and Lincoln High Schools are the only PPS high schools to meet achievement and graduation targets for all student groups in 2010-11.  Read more about this wonderful news on the PPS website http://www.k12.or.us.

 PPS launches Parent Academy

 With free workshops covering a host of topics — including resume writing, cooking on a budget, college preparation, using the county library and choosing a K-12 school — Portland Public Schools' new Parent Academy will offer families year-round support in locations across Portland.

Parent Academy is a collaboration of Portland Public Schools and community partners. Workshops are diverse but share a common purpose: promoting student achievement.  More info at www.pps.k12.or.us/news/5266.htm.


What you can your child can do to MAKE THE MOST OF HIGH SCHOOL; read more

 Talking Circle

Publication of the Indian Education Project is available here.

The Portland School Board is inviting testimony as it considers placing a local operating levy on the ballot in May to provide additional funding to protect PPS schools from expected budget cuts.  1/10/11 at end of regularly scheduled board meeting, 1/12/11 at 4pm at a public hearing befor ethe school board's work session on budget matters, and 1/19/11 at 5pm at the board's Finance, Audit and Operations Committee meeting.  Those wishing to speak may sign up in person before the meetings, or in advance by contacting the board office by email or by calling 503-916-3741.  More information at http://www.pps.k12.or.us/news/5143.htm

Getting in touch with Portland Public School--learn more.  

  • PPS Pulse offers great tips on mentoring your student throughout the high school years.

      **Remember that reduction in fees such as sports participation are available to those who qualify for Free and Reduced Meals

  • What you need TO KNOW publication from the Portland Public Schools -- translations available.

  • Read here about PPS' Milestones Framework to gauge student achievement. 

  • District Child Abuse Reporting Procedures online training available to parents. Read more.

  • Franklin meets AYP during the 2009-10 School Year