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Sonja Meadows

Sonja Meadows, smeadows@pps.net  Website: www.mrsmeadows.tumblr.com/


Salmon 9th Grade Academy English Teacher

Periods 1/3/8: 9th Grade English

Periods 2/4: English 3-4

Period 7: Freshman Success

Sonja Meadows has lived in Portland for most of her life, and attended Kellogg and Atkinson Grade Schools when they were still K-8.  Ms. Meadows is a Franklin alum and graduated with High Honors and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Portland State University.  Her diverse career included working for a United States Senator, a major television station and a marketing/communications firm.  Her desire to work with young adults prompted a return to the classroom where she received a Master's Degree in Teaching from Concordia University.  And, like so many other Franklin staff, she has come home to Quaker Country!