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Mr. Rivera's Latino Club celebrated the 200th anniversary of Mexican Independence in style and with great food!




Ms. York's Science Class recently tested theories of aerodynamics by designing and testing different paper airplane models.  It was quite a treat to see the many designs and how they held up to their flight tests.


Ms. York's science class participating in an egg drop experiment. A YouTube video can be accessed here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21qcGuQM0Pc                                                


This recent photo taken by FHS staff member Mr. Butenhoff is a perfect expression of why no one wanders too far from Quaker territory!

Results of the Penny Drive are in! 1st place to Juniors who raised $350. Frosh - 2nd, and Seniors/Sophs tied for Third! The total amount raised was $700 and will be used to purchase holiday and household items for the school's Adopt-A-Family program. Job very well done!



The Franklin MESA team has walked away with a number of awards from MESA day this last Friday.  They spent the second semester building windmills designed to perform specific tasks and took away the following awards:


Electricity generation
1st place Conor Black, Zoe Chrisman-Miller, Nick Roberts
Wind to Car, vehicle pulling
1st place Conor Black, Zoe Chrisman-Miller, Nick Roberts
3rd place Bin Chen, Brandon Dang, Phan Vu
Weight Lifting
1st place Conor Black, Zoe Chrisman-Miller, Nick Roberts
3rd Place Christina Salvitelli
1st place Conor, Zoe, Nick
1st place Conor Zoe, Nick
2nd Place Bin, Brandon, Phan
Onsite Competitions
Extreme Luge
3rd place Steven Strong-Walker
Conor, Zoe, and Nick also took first place overall, which means they are the MESA State Champions.  The four of them competed in Denver the in June to compete in the National Championships.  Results of the Denver competition: Conor, Nick and Zoe became the first Oregon MESA high school team to place in national competition.  The team took third place in: Academic Display, Oral Presentation, Electricity Generation, Wind-to-Car Pull AND Overall National Score!  (more details about this remarkable program will be featured in our fall newsletter.) http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/07/franklin_high_school_team_powe.html 

Congratulations to our 2010 Rose Festival Court.......



Kirsten, Sunday, Princess Bergen, Shari, and Mikayla. Click here for more coverage from oregonlive.com.



The Post student newspaper advisor, Kate Moore, offers her congratulations to the 2010-2011 staff:  
  • Editors in Chief— Kelly Strommer, Claire Tannler-Brewer
  • News Editors—Josie Johnson, Chelsea Pagan
  • Forum Editor—Natalie Nicholl
  • Feature Editors— Zoë Chrisman-Miller, Olivia Jones-Hall
  • Sports Editor—Autumn Morgan
  • A&E Editors—Daphne Carlson, Chandler Kane
  • Posterior Editor—Alina Morrow