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Ninth Grade Academy

The 9th grade academy is a group of small learning communities where students have teachers in common who provide support and get to know their students well.  Currently, our ninth grade academy consists of English, Math and Science classes.  There is also a support class for students who need extra help and extra time for assignments.

  • In English, 9th graders study both contemporary and classical literature and write in a variety of modes.
  • In Math, students take Algebra 1-2, Algebra 3-4, or Geometry, depending on their level.
  • In Science, all students take Biology classes.

For the 2015-2016 school year:

A:  Kim Wagner (English), Marla Baber (Math), Erin Ferro (Science)

B:  Pam Garrett (English),  Erika Johnson (Math), Leila Ghodsi (Science)

C:  Shawnte Hines (English), Trevor Butenhoff (Math), Misty Scevola (Science)

  D:  Gary Sletmoe (English), Mary Jo Beeber (Math), Matt Stewart (Science)

E:  Aimee Jo (English), Rob Jamieson (Math), Craig Johnston (Science)

F:  Desmond Spann (English), Maggie Ordaz (Math), Gregg Heppner (Science