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Franklin High School at Marshall Campus

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Life and Physical Sciences

Course Offerings:

Environmental Science
AP Environmental Science
Introduction to Psychology 1-2
AP PsychologyBiology 1-2
Geology and Astronomy
Foundations of Physics and Chemistry 1-2
AP Biology
Chemistry 1-2
AP Chemistry
Anatomy and Physiology Science
Conceptual Physics
Physics 1-2
AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2
Medical Terminology
Sports Medicine 1-2
Sports Medicine 3-4; 5-8 (Clinic)
Anatomy and Physiology
English 7-8: Anatomy and Physiology
Medical Terminology
English 5-6/7-8 Medical Literacy and Composition

Stall Includes:

Beth Biagini
Steve Buckmaster
Erin Ferro
Leila Ghodsi
Gregg Heppner
Craig Johnston
Merritt Sansom
Misty Scevola
Dave Sherden
Matt Stewart
David Stroup
Megan Whisnand