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PPS High School Redesign Information


Franklin's Administration and their PTA would like to keep everyone informed about the current PPS High School Redesign process. Below, you will find the most recent information and resources.

Superintendent recommends plan for High School System

Superintendent Carole Smith has recommended a plan for Portland Public Schools’ High School System that would provide “equitable access to a well-rounded education” as well as offer personalized learning options.

“Together, we must work to improve outcomes for students throughout our system, in particular those students who have been left behind for too long,” the superintendent wrote in her plan. “This plan alone will not resolve these issues, but it is a strong and clear movement in the right direction and a necessary precondition to our success.”

Major changes to the current system under the superintendent’s proposal follow.

Focus schools
Marshall Campus schools — Renaissance Arts, BizTech and Pauling — would close at the end of the 2010-11 year. In fall 2011, a focus school would open. The school, whose focus has not been determined yet, would be available to all PPS students.
Benson Polytechnic High School would, in fall 2011, become an advanced learning center for career-related and technical learning experiences. Juniors and seniors across the district could apply to spend half their school day or week at Benson and the remainder at their home school to pursue an in-depth career or technical program.

Community schools
Eight current schools would become community high schools: Cleveland, Franklin, Grant, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Roosevelt and Wilson.
Each community school would offer a guaranteed broad core curriculum, including advanced classes, support classes, music, visual, theater or dance, two world languages to the fifth year, increased counseling staff and libraries staffed with media specialists.
Because of Marshall’s conversion to a focus site, high school students living within the current Marshall Campus boundary will be assigned to Franklin or Madison High School beginning in fall 2011. Those living in the Harrison Park K-8 School neighborhood will be assigned to Madison: students living in the Lane Middle School and Bridger, Lent and Marysville K-8 school areas to Franklin.
Other high school attendance boundaries also would change beginning in fall 2011, affecting that year’s incoming ninth-graders (now in seventh grade). Four elementary neighborhoods would move to new high school assignments: Boise-Eliot PK-8 School neighborhood to Jefferson High School; Creston K-8 School neighborhood to Cleveland High School; Hosford Middle School students who live in the Buckman Elementary School neighborhood to Lincoln High School; and Sunnyside Environmental K-8 School neighborhood to Grant High School.

Transfers among the community schools would be limited.

Other features of the plan
By 2014, Jefferson High School would have a robust and rigorous middle college program, allowing students to graduate from high school having earned at least 30 hours of credit at Portland Community College. Students districtwide could transfer into Jefferson to take advantage of this opportunity.
A new Academic Priority Zone system would offer support students at schools with the highest needs, from prekindergarten through high school.
Six of the eight community schools would house language immersion programs, with students generally following the language program’s feeder patterns even if that took them to a community school outside their neighborhood.
Superintendent Carole Smith shared her recommendation with the Portland School Board on April 26. The school board will deliberate and vote on key aspects of the High School Action Plan in June. The new High School System would officially launch in fall 2011.
Summaries of the plan will be delivered to school offices this week. Also, families whose students would be affected by the changes will receive letters in the next several weeks.

For information or to comment, send e-mail to highschools@pps.net. Portland Public Schools also is staffing a hotline during regular business hours at 503-916-2801, with interpreters available in Somali, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese. Callers may leave a voicemail comment or speak with a staff member.

The school district will sponsor two all-district meetings, both from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.:
Tuesday, May 11, at Madison High School, 2735 N.E. 82nd Ave.
Tuesday, May 18, at Roosevelt High School, 6941 N. Central St.

Additional meetings specific to individual schools may be scheduled as well. Families will receive information on those meetings as it becomes available.

To find the superintendent’s proposal and other information online, go to www.pps.k12.or.us.


Original Timeline for High School System Design

PPS Chief of Staff Zeke Smith laid out the next steps for the Portland School Board’s consideration of High School System Design. On Friday, Jan. 15, the board work session will center on focus schools – defining how they work within the system and the process to identify focus schools, whether new or continuing. At the Jan. 25 board meeting, Chief Academic Officer Xavier Botana will offer an update on refinements to the core program for community schools, based on feedback at community meetings and further staff and board work.

In February, staff will come to the board with the outlines of a resolution that would confirm the work to date and set the stage for specific recommendations later. The resolution would ask for validation or agreement on several key issues:

  • The rationale behind enrollment assumptions,
  • The core program for community schools,
  • Criteria to analyze options for school locations and boundaries,
  • The optimal number and projected size of community schools, and
  • The intent of enrollment and transfer policy within the system.

The school board will be asked to vote on the resolution in late February or early March. That would set the stage for the next conversations – about specific locations for schools, policy changes needed, school initiation or closure recommendations and detailed implementation plans.

Learn more about High School System Design.

http://www.pps.k12.or.us/departments/high-school-system/797.htm Or view additional information here

“The PPS Board is in the process of a deeper review, digestion and questioning of staff assumptions and recommendations at this time, and is receptive to comments -- particularly those that question assumptions, whether the plan is the best approach to solve the stated problems, questions of planning and implementability, and the risk of the process tossing out the good with the bad, etc (as opposed to "please don't close my school"). Continued letters to the Board, a show of interest at work meetings, and attendance and statements at Board meetings should be helpful.”

I urge you to review the plan, provide input and voice your concerns by contacting the school board and the PPS HS Redesign Staff:

School Board:

Redesign Team:

  • Xavier Botana – Chief Academic Officer (503-916-3170) xbotana@pps.net
  • Zeke Smith – Chief of Staff (503-916-3354) zsmith@pps.net
  • John Wilhelmi - PPS lead for high school redesign (503-916-6581) jwilhelm@pps.net
  • Sarah Singer – PPS point person for public input record (503-619-2000x74975) ssinger@pps.net

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