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Anibal Rivera

Anibal Rivera 
Social Studies Teacher

Started Teaching: 2000

Started at Franklin: 2000

Bachelor's Degree: University of Massachusetts Amherst MAss

Master's Degree: Portland State University

Why I Teach: I love the study of Government and Economics and l love getting students interested in politics and looking into how the systems in our society function. Working with young people is exciting and is great to see them succeed, graduate and move forward in life.

What I Believe: They can expect passion for my area of expertise, dedication, care for their lives and their future. They can expect focus on their success and in their future.

Who Inspires Me: I’m inspired by my fellow teachers and staff and by people around the world that constantly work to make society function better and protect the environment.

My Favorite Things: I love to play with my 2 children and play my guitar.