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Kate Moore

Kate Moore 
Sophomore English/Journalism/Freshman Support

Started Teaching: 2008

Started at Franklin: 2007

Bachelor's Degree: California State University, Fullerton

Master's Degree: Portland State University

Why I Teach: My students are amazing, courageous people with a passion for finding things out, writing, sharing their ideas, and getting their voices heard.

What I Believe:  Hard work, fairness, and high expectations.

Who Inspires Me:  My own children inspire me. Each of them has worked hard to become a successful, responsible adult and they are all making the world a better place, each in his or her own way. I feel privileged to know them.

My Favorite Things: I love traveling, going to new places and making friends around the world. It is a great way to see how much we all have in common and that, no matter where you go, people want to work hard, love their families, and see their community be or become a good place.

2012-13 Teaching Schedule

Kate Moore, kmoore@pps.net

2012-13 Teaching Schedule:

Periods 2,3,4: English 3/4

Period 5: Freshman Success English

Period 7: Journalism

Period 8: The Post, Advanced Journalism