Portland Public Schools
Portland, Oregon

Franklin High School

Home of the Quakers

5405 SE Woodward | Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 916-5140 | Fax: (503) 916-2694

Quaker Country's Finest!

Administrative Team

Name Position Email
Juanita Valder Principal jvalder@pps.net
Chris Frazier Vice Principal cfrazier@pps.net
Dennis Joule   Vice Principal djoule@pps.net 
Steve Matthews Business Manager smatthew@pps.net
Scott Santangelo Dean of Students/Athletic Director scotts@pps.net


Counseling Center

Name Position Email
Danelle Chapman Counselor: A-L for Freshman & Sophomore Classes dchapma1@pps.net
Sara Goldman Counselor:
Alice Headley Counselor: A-L for Junior & Senior Classes aheadley@pps.net
Hoang Tran Counselor: M-Z for Freshman & Sophomore Classes htran1@pps.net
Holly Vaughn-Edmonds Counselor: M-Z for Junior & Senior Classes hvedmonds@pps.net
Diane Lewis Psychologist dlewis1@pps.net
Raquel Laiz Career Center Coordinator rlaiz@pps.net
Sheila Dygert Counseling Sectretary sdygert@pps.net 
Dorene Williams         Attendance and Transcripts dorenew@pps.net


Media Specialist

Name Position Email
Sandra Childs Librarian/Media Specialist sjchilds@pps.net


Support Staff

Name Position Email
Gina Aman Athletic Secretary gaman@pps.net
Marjie Chambers     Bookroom Clerk mchamber@pps.net
Sheila Dygert Counseling Secretary sdygert@pps.net
Joyce Gago Office Assistant jgago@pps.net
Michele Lageson Principal's Secretary mlageson@pps.net
Jill Register Vice Principal's Secretary jregister@pps.net
Dorene Williams Attendance and Transcripts dorenew@pps.net



Name Position Email
Berning, Carolyn Teacher cberning@pps.net
Perez, Javier Teacher jperez1@pps.net


Business Technology

Name Position Email
Biamont, Tim Teacher tbiamont@pps.net
Cook, Clara Teacher ccook@pps.net



Name Position Email
Ambinder, Harris Teacher hambinde@pps.net
Bartley, Susan Teacher sbartley@pps.net
Garrett, Pamela Teacher pgarrett@pps.net
Hardin, Tim Teacher thardin@pps.net
Kirsch, Elizabeth Teacher ekirsch@pps.net
Meadows, Anne Teacher/ELD ameadows@pps.net
Montano, Irene Teacher imontano@pps.net
Vinger, Dana Teacher dvinger2@pps.net 
Weinstein, Alice Teacher aliweins@pps.net
Wilder, Elle         Teacher ewildert@pps.net
Wong, Elisa Teacher ewong@pps.net
Zimtbaum, Mark Teacher mzimtbau@pps.net


Family & Consumer Studies

Name Position Email
Leineweber, Heidi Teacher hleineweber@pps.net


Industrial Technology

Name Position Email
Jeff Anderson     Teacher janderson1@pps.net
Daniel Silvernail Teacher dsilvernail@pps.net



Name Position Email
Andrews, Kelly Teacher kandrews@pps.net
Beeber, Mary Jo Teacher mbeeber@pps.net
Butenhoff, Trevor Teacher tbutenho@pps.net
Ewing, Shauna Teacher sewing@pps.net
Hintz, Carolyn Teacher chintz@pps.net
Jamieson, Robert Teacher rjamieson@pps.net
Trotter, David Teacher dtrotter@pps.net
Wasserman, Debra Teacher dwasserm@pps.net


Physical Education/Wellness

Name Position Email
Feuz, Lisa Teacher lfeuz@pps.net
Gabriel, Leanne Teacher lgabriel@pps.net
Holte, Rick Teacher rholte@pps.net
McCarthy, Tom Teacher tmccarth@pps.net
Moore, Darrell Teacher dmoore@pps.net
Torres, Julana Teacher jtorres@pps.net
Webster, Clark Teacher cwebster@pps.net


Performing Arts

Name Position Email
Forsythe, Josh Acting, Stage Craft jforsyth@pps.net
Sours, Jimmy Instrumental Music jsours2@pps.net
Trotter, David Choir dtrotter@pps.net



Name Position Email
Biagini, Beth Teacher bbiagini@pps.net
Buckmaster, Steve Teacher sbuckmas@pps.net
Ghodsi, Leila Teacher lghodsi@pps.net
Heppner, Gregg Teacher gheppner@pps.net
Reedy, Seth Teacher sethreedy@gmail.com
Sansom, Merritt Teacher msansom@pps.net
Sherden, Dave Teacher dsherden@pps.net
Stewart, Matt Teacher mstewar2@pps.net
Stroup, David Teacher dstroup@pps.net
Whisnand, Megan Teacher mwhisnan@pps.net


Social Studies

Name Position Email
Biamont, Tim Teacher tbiamont@pps.net
Cook, Clara Teacher ccook@pps.net
Hall, Portia Teacher phall@pps.net
McClendon, William Teacher wmcclend@pps.net
Montano, Irene Teacher imontano@pps.net
O'Neill, Steve Teacher soneill@pps.net
Polis, Karen Teacher kpolis@pps.net


Special Education

Name Position Email
Aman, Gina Special Ed Secretary gaman@pps.net
Paraeducator 2
Paraeducator 2
Mahurin, Michael Teacher mmahurin@pps.net
McCarthy, Nick     Teacher nmccarthy@pps.net
McCollum, Bobbie Paraeducator 2 bmccollum@pps.net
Stewart, Matt Teacher mstewar2@pps.net
Trotter, Tristan     Speech-Language Pathologist ttrotter@pps.net
Waldroop, Jon Paraeducator 2 jwaldroo@pps.net
York, Anna Teacher ayork@pps.net
Zak, Desi Teacher dzak@pps.net


World Languages

Name Position Email
Grobey, Tod Teacher - Spanish tgrobey@pps.net
Mecalis, Robert Teacher - Spanish/ESL rmecalis@pps.net
Mi, Marilyn Teacher - Chinese mmi@pps.net
Miller, Dana Teacher - French dmiller1@pps.net
Perez, Marty Teacher - Spanish mperez@pps.net
Struble, Laura Teacher - French lstruble@pps.net
Tovar, Nayibe     Teacher - Spanish Immersion ntovar@pps.net


Special Assignments

Name Position Email
Amador, Kimberley   Activities Director
Director, Law & Public Serv jdy
Garrett, Pam Link Crew Coordinator pgarrett@pps.net
Head P.A.T. Rep
Nurse  503.916.5140 ext 73552
McGee, Jeffrey Specialist - Student Support jmcgee1@pps.net
McGill, Amber SUN Program - Site Manager amcgill@pps.net
Mediation Advisor
Santangelo, Scott Athletic Director scotts@pps.net
School Resource Police Officer
Shaw, Adam Campus Monitor ashaw@pps.net
Souza, Adam Technology Coordinator asouza@pps.net
Trotter, David Testing Coordinator dtrotter@pps.net
Trotter, Tristan Speech-Language Pathologist ttrotter@pps.net
Urrutia, Domingo Campus Monitor durrutia@pps.net
Wilder, Elle Post Advisor ewilder@pps.net
Williams, Dorene Attendance/Transcripts dorenew@pps.net
Zak, Desi Yearbook Advisor dzak@pps.net


English Language Development

Name Position Email
Jenkins, Doug ELD Instructional Specialist djenkins@pps.net
Meadows, Anne English Language Dev. ameadows@pps.net
Vuong, William             Educational Assistant wvoung@pps.net