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Local/Regional Liberal Art Schools Highlights

Local/Regional Liberal Art Schools

Highlights for Students

Franklin High School 2012


Concordia University:  NE Portland, 1800 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.0-3.6

ACT:  21

SAT:  CR 500, Ma 500


Known for:  Nursing (4 year program, admitted in as incoming freshman with a minimum of a 3.25 in math/sciences, must maintain competitive GPA for 2 years during acquisition of pre requisites) 

Known for:  Education

Known for:  Business

Known for:  Exercise science, other health sciences, including pre med


Merit Scholarhips:  availalble for students who have ACTs of 26 and above, leadership and/or athletic monies available with competitive academics

Merit monies up to 14k/year for 4 years.


Athletics:  NAIA


George Fox University, Newberg, OR  1800 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.3-3.6 GPA

SAT:  980-1260


Known for:  Business, Human Services, Education, Engineering

Ranked as a top Christian college accredited by NW Commission on Colleges


Merit Scholarships: Leadership, Diversity, Department Specific.  2K-6K/year


Athletics:  NAIA


Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR:  1900 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.5-4.0

SAT:  1800-2000

ACT 27-30

75% attended Public High Schools, 25% attended private


Known for:  Pre Law, Pre med, Economics, Natural Resources/Environmental Studies, Political Science, Humanities


Merit Scholarships available for highly academically qualified students.  No separate application required.


Athletics:  D3

Linfield College:  McMinnville, OR, 1700 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.3-3.8

ACT:  21-28

SAT:  1000-1200 (CR and Math)


Known for:  Nursing (admitted into as incoming freshman, must maintain 2.75 to be admitted into school of nursing as a junior)  Transfers accepted into nursing but much more competitive than going from Linfield.

Known for:  Business – largest department.  Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Sports Management (new), International Business:  opportunities for internships.

Known for: Sciences:  Biochemistry and Applied Physics, Computer Science (100 % of graduates employed in last years)  Linfield encourages science research on campus and has money for such work.


Merit Scholarships:  3.4 GPA automatic merit $$, 3 AP classes, more merit available.  Up to 30K available/year with need.


Athletics:  D3


Pacific University:  Forest Grove, OR:  1600 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.0

ACT:  21

SAT:  500 CR, 500 Ma


Known for:  Natural Sciences, Exercise Science (Have graduate programs in PT,OT, Dental, Optometry)

Known for Business (internships with Intel, Nike)

Known for:  Vocal  and Music Program


Merit Scholarhips:  up to 22K/year, 80% of need met.

Athletics:  D3


Reed College, Portland OR:  1300 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.8+

SAT:  2000+

ACT 31

56% public schools, 33% private


Known for strong humatiies program, sciences,math.  Many students go on to pursue PhD, MDs.  Engineering has 3/2 program with Columbia, Cal Tech Poly, and Renesselaer Polytechnical Institute


No merit scholarships.  Need based only.


University Of Portland, North Portland, 3200 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.68

ACT: 27

SAT:  1100


Known for Nursing (oldest program in state).  Accepted directly into nursing program after 2 years with 2.7 GPA in college.  Rolling admission, apply early, nursing filled by Dec 1.  Must have taken chemistry in high school for admission into nursing program.

Known for:  Engineering:  Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer.

Known for:  Drama:  Nationally accredited

Athletics:  D1


Merit Scholarships:  5-18K



Warner Pacific College, Portland OR:  1600 undergraduates 

Average GPA:  2.85-3.57

SAT:  880-1030

ACT:  20


Known for:  Business, Exercise Science, Biology/Natural Sciences, Education


Merit Scholarships:  Leadership, Academics (amounts vary 1k-8K)


Athletics:  NAIA


Western Oregon State University, Monmouth, OR:  5000 undergraduates (state university) 

Average GPA:  3.2 (avg 2.7-3.4)

SAT: 990-1010


Known for:  Education

Known for:  Business

Known for:  Criminal Justice

Known for:  American Sign Language Program

Pre Med/Pre RN:  Growing departments (5 year program with OHSU for nursing)


Merit Scholarships:  $1-10K,  $3500 for Diversity grant


Williamette University, Salem Oregon:  2000 Undergraduates 

Average GPA:  3.67

SAT 1830

ACT 28


Known for:  Politics/Political Science (Capital across street), Foreign language, Music, Theater, Biology, Environmental Science


Merit Scholarships:  each student is evaluated individually




Other Regional Liberal Arts Colleges with excellent reputations that give merit $$:


Gonzaga University

Pacific Lutheran University

Seattle Pacific University

University of Puget Sound

Whitworth University

Whitman College