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Megan Whisnand

Megan Whisnand 
Science Teacher

Started Teaching: 1999

Started at Franklin: 2011

Bachelor's Degree: University of Kansas

Master's Degree: University of Kansas

Why I Teach: I truly enjoy working with and getting to know my students. I love getting them involved in their learning and understanding of science through hands-on activities, and labs. I enjoy getting them to question their surroundings, to be curious how things work and how they can make the world a better place to live.

What I Believe: They should expect an active and engaging class. Students will be working with others, making presentations, problem solving, performing labs, collecting and analyzing data, researching what is happening in science now through current events. My science classes rigorous, and challenging but very doable. I am very approachable and enjoy working with all types of students.

Who Inspires Me:  My children inspire me; their fresh look at the world, their creative problem solving, humor and unconditional love. People who overcome adversity to accomplish great things and to make the world a better place for all inspire me.

My Favorite Things: Spending time with my family, camping, gardening, seeing live music, cooking and travel.