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Alice Weinstein

Photo of Alice Weinstein and Students from 2013

Alice Weinstein 
English Language Development Teacher

Started Teaching: 1979

Started at Franklin: 2011

Bachelor's Degree: University of California at San Diego

Master's Degree: San Diego State University

Why I Teach: From early on in my own schooling I discovered I really like both analyzing and playing with language and languages. Teaching language comes naturally to me as I’ve been studying language and language acquisition my entire career.

What I Believe: A warm, welcoming classroom environment that is structured to give them different and fun ways to learn a new language, along with repeated opportunities to practice it. We keep a brisk pace but cycle back through what we’ve learned to build a solid foundation. Students should expect to be asked to participate proactively with peers in partner and group learning activities as well as in independent learning activities. Homework is generally assigned daily for the purpose of reinforcing newly introduced skills.

Who Inspires Me: The immigrant teen students I work with are confronted constantly by the challenging and often daunting reality of being outsiders in our school and in the greater community. Watching them evolve over time as they acquire the skills to navigate a new culture and a new language inspires me daily.

My Favorite Things:  I enjoy working and raising animals on the property my family owns in a rural part of Clackamas County.

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