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Weekly News From Principal Newlyn

Dear Forest Park Families,

We enjoyed a full five days of teaching and learning this week. Though November makes for a short month, overall, we are in full gear as we make sure students are learning the core content they need. This time of year is opportune for fine tuning instructional practices and getting into the nitty gritty details of what makes our students need from us as educators. We’ve had the luxury of time to know your children well and have plans in place for each one.

This week’s Professional Development training focused on shifts in literacy standards as we implement Common Core State Standards. Forest Park staff examined Close Reading lessons in grade level teams. Close Reading is the practice of strategies that connect readers with text-based practices: text-dependent questions/answers, multiple reads of a text, writing in response to reading, using text with advanced level vocabulary, using annotation and note taking, connecting reading discussions back to the text and the author’s words. If you’re interested in seeing these strategies in action, this video gives a great demonstration of what Close Reading looks like and sounds like.

As I move through classrooms, from PE to Kinder, Technology to 5th grade, I see teachers using high level instructional practices, including Close Reading on a daily basis. Our Forest Park teachers are practiced in communicating learning targets and utilizing a variety of methods to assess student achievement. Mr. Poujade used a google assessment tool for his lesson today - a survey, linked from his technology blog. He got instant information from students on their bat research in the lab. Mr. McGinnis used a simple note card “exit ticket” from his class as they examined why character’s feelings matter. Ms. Kincaid used a quick thumbs up/down from her 1st graders to see how successfully they shared nouns with each a partner.

Close Reading is a strategy all our students will need to employ as they take the Smart Balanced test this spring. ODE recently released information based on the student trials conducted last year. As you many already know, Forest Park was one of many schools in the state that participated in the student trials. This FAQ is a useful informational text.

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PPS News

Boise-Eliot/Humboldt food drive

November 23, 2014

Boise-Eliot/Humboldt is among schools collecting nonperishable food to assist families in need at the school. 


Wilson brings college, career info to families

November 22, 2014

Wilson High School Career Coordinator Kate Morgan and partners held a College and Career Fair at Stephens Creek Crossing, the new low-income housing development in Southwest Portland, bringing valuable information about college readiness and admission directly to families.  


Holiday shopping at school bazaars

November 22, 2014

Be sure to check out the craft bazaars in many Portland Public Schools as part of your holiday shopping this year.  


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