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Forest Park News From Principal Lisa Newlyn

As I make my way into classrooms Kinder through 5th grade, I am thrilled to see so much going on in teaching and learning at Forest Park. Though the season is ripe for excitement and high energy, our teachers are presenting engaging learning opportunities for our students. Our 4th graders made beautiful fused glass art pieces last week with an artist in residence. Our Kindergarteners organized their Cake Kit donations and have about a hundred sets packaged up. Of course the collection became a link to math learning, and with the recipes each child wrote, it was a well-rounded learning opportunity as well as a charitable experience. This week continues another set of 3rd grade field trips as they deepen their scientific learning, testing water quality at the North Portland lab. Forest Park teachers make an effort to infuse technology experiences as a way to make learning engaging and relevant. Mr. Huntley's PE class is no exception. Students are letting him know what they are learning about hockey at laptop stations in the gym, using a quick Google survey.

This Wednesday, December 17th is our December Late Opening. Classes will begin at 10am. Our professional development time as a staff has been dedicated most recently to a book study of Courageous Conversations About Race. Considering recent national events, particularly in Ferguson, MO and the impact that has had in our own city, we have felt it timely to engage in this work. How we address issues of race and culture within our own classrooms, how we ensure our curriculum is culturally relevant, as well as how we show up to the diverse cultural community of Forest Heights are all aspects of our staff training we wish to address as we dive into conversations about race. If you have not read this book by Glen Singleton, I encourage you to read it for yourself.

A few months past I wrote about traffic and pedestrian safety. I want to thank all you who have responded to the call to keep our adjacent streets and parking lot safe for students during our high traffic times. Thank you also for obliging "no parking" areas. Please keep "Handicap" spaces clear for our families and visitors who need them open and ready for their use. Thank you! Wednesday is Waste Free Wednesday which means it is Walk and Bike to School Day. Last month I was so impressed with the numbers of families choosing alternate methods to arrive at school. Traffic was minimal and no one was late from traffic congestion. As we celebrate Walk to School/Waste Free Wednesday this week, let's consider the ways we can keep this going throughout the month as well.

Have a great week!

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