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June 13, 2014                                                    


WOW! Ten months have gone by very, very quickly. As I look at the calendar, I find it hard to believe that the end our of 2013-13 school year is here!   As we look toward the next school year, your child’s ending point will be our beginning point for planning 2014-15.  During our last few weeks of school, we were busy assessing your child on his or her current levels in all subjects and will be sharing those results on the last report card of the year.   Report cards for PK-5 grade were sent home with students on the last day of school.  Report cards for Middle School will be mailed home from the school district next week.


Plans are underway for next year with schedules to be formed, class lists to be organized, a few teachers to be hired and some teachers switching grades. This is a process that lasts for a large part of the summer as our allocations depend on our enrollment. If you know of any children who are kindergarten age, please recommend that their parents come to register their children early. This helps us know how many classes we will be allowed so that we may make arrangements earlier rather than later. You may contact me in writing if you want to make me aware of the types of teacher characteristics that would best meet your child’s needs. I do not take specific teacher requests, but I do pay close attention to letters concerning teacher types that work best for your child. You are the BEST expert on your child.


We continue to be a school of excellence, in no small part, because of your support. Thanks to all families who supported our school this year, by volunteering, visiting, or simply by supporting your child at home with homework or projects.   We thank all Faubion School teachers and staff for their dedication, compassion and going above and beyond for our PK-8 students and families.


On behalf of all our students, staff and parents, huge thanks goes to the PTA Board, Design Advisory Group members, Concordia University and all our valuable partnerships for their hard work and dedication to our students. Our best wishes go to our eighth graders as they transition to the High School. We are very proud of all you have accomplished. We will miss all of you!

Thanks again for all of your support. We look forward to serving those of you who will be joining

 us for our 2014-2015 school year!  Have a safe and wonderful summer break!


LaShawn A. Lee, Proudest Principal in PPS


2014-2015 Faculty and Staff Roster (As of June 9, 2014)

PK                                       Natalie Webb

5                                             Teri Cahill

Speech                                          Cara George

K                                               Felipe Lara

5                                           Teri Griffin

Psychologist                                Susan Reavis

K                                    Shannon  O’Neal

6                            Gabrielle  Quintana

Counselor                                 Andrea Martin

K/1                              Takiyah Williams

6                                   Kelsey Williams

Social Worker                              Kelly Russell

1                                              Erin McKee

7/8 Math                                        TBD

SMS                                          Rory Thompson

1                                      Marcy Sullwold

7/8 Science               Melanie Ramsey

PE                                          Mitch Whitehurst

2                                               Erin Arias

7/8 Social Studies                          TBD

Music                                                            TBD

2                                          Sandra Boon

7/8 Language Arts           Nik Merrick

Art                                                                 TBD

2                                        Kevin Walker

Algebra                                            TBD

Spanish                                   Michael Meyers

3                                    ReShawn Brown

ESL                                          Laura Birt

Mandarin                                                     TBD

3                                      Martha Stoeger

ESL                                                     TBD

Title One Reading            Meredith Caldwell

4                                        Jamie Makara

Learning Res              Saima Goodrich

Instructional Coach                  Mary Harbolt

4                                 Amy Nelson-Cahill

Learning Res            Matthew Walker

Library                                         Cheryl Jiggar

Title One Assistant          Bernice Arditi

Para Educator           Nicole Pescettili

Secretary                                    Allie Petersen


Para Educator                                 TBD

Principal Secretary                Sabrina Faletoi


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Daily Schedule

Arrival Bell Rings 8:30 am
Grab and Go Breakfast 8:30-8:45 am
Tardy Bell 8:45 am
Lunch 11:15-12:30 pm
Dismissal Bell Rings 3:00 pm

PPS News

Rosa Parks Launches Year-Round School

July 29, 2014
Rosa Parks celebrated its year-round school launch with a parade and a picnic. Rosa Parks students began a new year-round school schedule last Monday, July 21, part of a two-year pilot program to test and evaluate a year-round school schedule. 


Portland Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Wins Outstanding Administrator Award

July 29, 2014
Harriet Adair, Assistant Superintendent for School Operations and Support, recently received the President’s Award from the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators. The award was announced at the organization’s annual conference in June by COSA President and Vernon Elementary School Principal, Tina Acker. [More]

PPS announces new principal assignments

July 25, 2014

New principal announcements for 2014-15 include Juanita Valder, a veteran PPS vice principal, as new principal of Franklin High School and Filip Hristic, principal at Creative Science School K-8, as new principal of Roosevelt High School. 


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